Amiga SWOS

"Amiga SWOS is simply the best" - say most SWOS fans all around the world.

So, I have finally started the Amiga section to this site.  Currently it is under construction, but I have already made a start with a couple of things.


    Amiga Emulator and Games,
    Reasons why Amiga SWOS far superior to PC SWOS,
    Amiga SWOS sounds,
    Details about file transfer between Amiga and PC,
    Other bits and bobs which will be useful,
    and an update for Amiga SWOS.

Amiga Emulator and games

I recommend WINUAE for the most reliable Amiga Emulation.  It has a user friendly graphic interface and you can save all your configurations.  There is also an online version with which you can take your swos skills onto the internet and get your ass kicked, or not :)

For the emulator, visit the WINUAE homepage here

Go to and check out the download section for various versions of SWOS.  I highly recommend SWOS 96/97 as the best version of SWOS to play, both off-line and on-line.

Reasons why Amiga SWOS makes PC SWOS seem poor!

I will start to make a list of all the reasons why I find Amiga SWOS better than the PC version.  I will add more as I think of things.

1.  You can see more of the pitch on the Amiga, thus improving the gameplay.  With a higher screen resoloution it doesn't look all squashed and blocky.

2.  You can tell players skills better on Amiga SWOS.  On Pc SWOS there is not much difference and the game is easier, it is much easier to beat big teams with crap teams because the difference is not as much.   However, in Amiga SWOS you can really tell a good player - he is set apart from the rest somehow.  In Amiga SWOS you can also tell bad players with not much skill as it is more difficult to play with them.

3.  The sound on the Amiga is somehow better and more inspiring (it is in stereo!)

4.  When the ball hits the crossbar on the PC it doesn't make a sound.  On the Amiga you get an almighty thud which makes the game so much better.

5.  On the Amiga the crowd react to a player being booked.  They also react more when the players walk out onto the pitch!

6. On Amiga SWOS, if you hold the fire button on the match line-up screen, you can see the teams for longer.



To keep you busy whilst the rest of this page is under construction, here are some samples from Amiga SWOS.

Sensible Soccer titles music
288Kb (Title music from original Sensi)

Sensible Soccer menu music
204Kb (Menu music from original Sensi)

SWOS 94/95 menu music
288Kb (The menu music from SWOS 94/95, the midi music for this page is copied from this, listen to the midi here)

SWOS ECE/ SWOS 96/97 menu music
323Kb (The menu music from SWOS ECE and SWOS 96/97, the midi file is here, I used to use it as my site's menu music)

SWOS chant number 1
82Kb (A crowd chant from SWOS)

SWOS chant number 2
79Kb (A crowd chant from SWOS)

SWOS chant number 3
77Kb (A crowd chant from SWOS)

SWOS chant number 4
66Kb (Another crowd chant from SWOS)

SWOS goal
162Kb (Me scoring a goal on SWOS, with Roberto Baggio of Juventus 94/95)