There are many great players in SWOS, and everybody will have thier own secret players that they have discovered during the game.  This is my list of best players, some are great bargain buys which are very useful if your club is on a small budget.  Some are more well known players who I think are the very best on the game.  I have listed all the players I can think of so far with their name, position, top 3 skills, value, club ,and my comments.

If you have any players which you think I can add to this list then please e-mail me ( and I can test them out and add them to this useful list.

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Most of the players are from the 96/97 version, players from SWOS 94/95 are marked *, 95/96 ECE version are marked **.

New additions to this Best Players list are highlighted in blue.


Masauki Kanno A VFS 160k Kyoto P. Sanga (JAP)

You wont believe how good this striker is.  He is so cheap, but has such great shooting and finishing, plus some good skill.

Tommy Mooney A FSV 200k Watford

A god of a striker.  Has brilliant speed, shooting and finishing, lack of ball control but at such a low price you cannot get any better.

Graham Kavanagh A FSV 200k Stoke City

A brilliant bargain striker - not quite as lethal as Mooney but good all the same

Willen Van der Ark A VHF 250k Cambuur (HOL)

In the penalty area he will usually score with a powerful shot, but he may miss the skills for the top leagues.

Ganiyu Owalabi A SFV 300k Antwerp

cheap but good shot and control.

Christophe Lagrange A VFS 450k Saint-Etienne

A bit slow but has a ripping shot and powerful finish.

Darren Huckerby A FSV 450k Millwall

good all-round striker for a small price - great shot but sometimes finishing can be inconsistant.

Marco Boogers A FVH 550k Groningen (HOL)

A very powerful, accurate striker.

Sergio Allievi A VFS 600k Wattenscheid (GER)

You have to get lucky in the transfer market to buy him, because his club is non-league.  But he has an awesome shot and good speed.

Daniele Dichio A VSF 650k QPR

brilliant buy, wicked striker

Milan Rapjic A SVF 700k Perugia (ITA)

Amazing striker, can score from every angle with great power.

Petr Kachuro A SVF 750k Sheffield United (ENG)

Not the greatest striker for this price, but has excellent skills.

Juan Sabas A FVH 750k Betis

A useful striker with excellent shooting and finishing.

Claudio Biaggio A VFS 750k Bourdeux

A very effective striker with a great shot and finish.

Filippo Inzaghi A FSV 850k Atalanta (ITA)

A very powerful striker, probably the best for this price range.

Kevin Campbell A HFS 850k Nott'm Forest

Maybe a bit pricy for his skills, but a good goal scorer.

Rod Wallace A VFS 850K Leeds United

fast and good control, nice shot but not very sharp at times.

Kevin Gallen A SFV 950k QPR

fast player - good shot and magic finish.

Paul Walsh * A VPF 950k Manchester City

fast, powerful shot, good finishing.

Nordin Wooter A FSC 1m Ajax

A fast player with good finishing - inconsistant at times

Pier A FSV 1.1m Betis (ESP)

fast and a powerful shot, can finish well against the best.

Steve Bull A VFH 1.3m Wolverhampton W.

very, very good striker, extemely powerful shot.

Igor Kolyvanov** A FSV 1.3m Foggia

Very fast, and wonderful shooting, scores many goals.

Renato Gaucho A SCF 1.3m Fluminense (BRA)

A class goalscorer, fast, good ball control, powerful shot, good finishing, heads well too!

Jean Piere Papin A SFV 1.3m Bordeaux

A world class striker, and for just 1.3m - kerching! - goals machine.  Lack of ball control at times

Sylvain Wiltord A FSV 1.5m Rennes

excellent in all areas.  Has a very powerful shot and great finishing.

Gary Lineker * A VHC 1.5m Neguya Grampas

slow but has good skill and a powerful shot.

Igor Kolyvanov A FSV 1.6m Bologna

Very fast, and wonderful shooting, scores many goals.

Patrice Loko A SVC 1.8m Paris St-Germain

a great striker with a lot of flair

Harry Decheiver A HSF 1.9m Freiburg

A quick striker with sharp shooting and finishing.

Euller A HSV 2m Athletico Miniero

good player, good shooting and finishing but a lack of ball control

Christian Vieri A HFV 2m Juventus

An outstanding striker for this price, fast, tremendous shooting and finishing.

Pingo A FSV 3m Flamengo

A good, fast striker with very good shooting, control and finishing

Hristo Stoichkov A FCP 3m Barcelona

one of the best strikers, great pace, shot, finish, passing and heading.

Marco Simone A FSV 3.5m AC Milan

A great striker, well worth 3m 'cos Simone = GOALS!  I'm sure many SWOS players already know this.

Ian Wright A FHS 5m Arsenal

Ian Wright is the man on SWOS, a big price, but goals goals goals all the time, never lets the team down.

Alessandro A FSV 6m Vasco da Gama

A quality attacker - fast, very skillful and world class finisher

Stephane Chapuisat A FSV 6m Bor. Dortmund

The joint best striker you can have for up to 6m

Faustino Asprilla A FSV 6m Newcastle United

The best striker you can have for up to 6m.

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Anthony Carss LW SCH 110k Darlington

v. fast, good control

Ara Bedrossian * LW SCV 130k Fulham

brilliant winger, can score nuff goals too.

Jimmy Diaz LW SCP 150k Cucuta Deportivo (COL)

Great skill for such a cheap player, this guy can dribble round everyone!

Steve Halliday LW SCH 160k Hartlepool UTD

A good speedy winger, good control and cheap.

Richard Peacock * RW SCP 180k Hull City

BARGAIN ALERT! Amazing player.

Craig Moffit LW SCV 180k Parramatta (AUS)

This is another god-like player.  A great left winger for any team, amazing speed and control, good long range shooting.

Igor Dragicevic RW SCT 200k Buducnost (YUG)

A very fast winger

Neil Redfearn RW SCF 200k Barnsley

nice little player

Julius Simon LW SCT 250 Dunajska Streda (SVK)

Cheap, outsanding sped, good ball control.

Sigurstein Gislason LW SCP 250 IA (ISL)

Despite his small price tag can run around the best players. In Div 3 don't worry if he's all you can afford because he'll win you the division single handed.

Jon McCarthy RW SCT 250 Port Vale

Absouloutley awesome player, tres, tres bien!

Jamie Lawrence RW SCT 300k Leicester City

skillfull and usefull

Chris Marsden RW SCT 350k Stockport County

very, very fast, good control, and has good shot power

Gary Childs RW SCP 350k Grimsby Town

great bargain

John Reed * RW CSF 350k Sheffield United

good winger, fast and has a good finish.

Alimante Butler LW SCP 450k San Jose Clash (USA)

very fast, good control

Guara LW SCP 500k Guarani (BRA)

The best winger for this price, enough said.

Salvatore Sullo LW SCP 600k Pescara (ITA)

A nice player, with great speed and control.

Freddy Suarez LW SCP 650k Melgar Arequipa (PER)

One of the fastest wingers in the game, with outstanding ball control.

Axel Juptner RW SCP 750k KFC Uerdingen (GER)

speedy with good ball control and a powerful shot.

Capitao RW SCP 800k Portuguesa (BRA)

not always performing on the same level, but is very fast with good ball control and a nose for goal.

Benoit Cauet RW SCP 850k Paris St. Germain

A useful player v. fast, good control

Andy Sinton LW CPS 1.1m Tottenham H.

A good winger with good shooting.

Ralf Weber LW SPC 1.3m Eintr. Frankfurt

very, very fast, great ball control

Fohla LW SVC 1.8m FC Porto

A top quality left winger with a ripping shot and great control.

Jordi Cruyff LW SPF 1.8m Manchester United

A really good player.  A natrully good winger and midfielder, great in attack too with brilliant finishing - can very easily play front to good effect.

Karel Poborsky RW CSP 2.25 Manchester United

A brilliant winger, his only flaw is a poor shot.

Angelo Di Livio RW SCP 3m Juventus

Possibly the best right-winger in the game and for just 3m.  Especially good control and passing.

Axel LW CSP 3.5m Sao Paulo

A great player with speed, control and a great shot.

Figo LW SCP 4.5m Barcelona

The best left-winger in SWOS.  A large price, but a very high quality player.  Effective in any attacking position because of his rocket shot.

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Bjorn Johansen M SCP 150k Tromso (NOR)

A pacy player with good passing

Giovanella M SCV 200k Goias (BRA)

an extremely fast midfielder, most useful for lower division sides.

Luca Piangerelli M SCT 250k Cesena (ITA)

quick and skillful, good bargain.

Thomas Franck M SPT 300k Kaiserslautern

a usefull defensive midfielder with good passing.

Damian Matthew M PSC 300k Burnley (ENG)

Passes like the best, and controls the ball well, a bargain.

Joey Beauchamp M TPS 450k Oxford United

great speed, tackling and especially passing.  Probably the best midfielder you can get for 450k.

Clarence Seedorf * M CSP 650k Ajax

Excellent and cheap player, rules the middle of the pitch.

Juan Jose Borelli M CST 800k Panathinaikos

An effective midfielder, fast with good control.

Denilson M PSC 1m Sao Paulo

can play left or right wing and up front

Andreas Thom M VSF 1.3m Celtic

A powerful midfielder, useful upfront too.

Aron Winter M PTS 1.5m Inter Milan

Combative midfielder, excellent control and passing.

Nicky Butt M PTV 1.5m Manchester United

A bit slow but has a great shot , good passing and tackling

Richard Witshge M TPC 1.9m Ajax

A quick good and versatile midfielder with great control, good passing and shooting.

Wim Jonk M PCV 2m PSV

very skillful + creative with the ball, good pass + shot

Zico * M PCS 2m Koshema Ontlors

It's that great Brazilian player, still a class act in the midfield.

Mark Draper M PTC 3m Aston Villa

Versatile midfielder who is good all-round

Edmilson M TPC 4.5m Sao Paulo

Would be the best midfielder if it were not for his lack of pace - has possibly the fastest shot on SWOS

Marcel Desailly M TPH 5m AC Milan

Without doubt the best d/midfielder on SWOS, great at every skill - the very best.

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Lee Barrow LB STP 130k Torquay United

Very fast, so he is a useful player for this price.

Harold Derix LB STP 160k Top Oss (HOL)

A quality player for a small price - very fast, g. shot

Gary Poole RB STC 200k Birmingham City

very, very good fullback, excellent value for money.

Lee Russell LB TSP 300k Portsmouth

a bargain at just 300k, he is very fast, has good tackling abitlity - his value will rise immiediatly

Ibrahim Ba * LB STC 450k Le Havre

Dis boy's damn quik!

Joop Gall LB STV 550k Groningen (HOL)

excellent offensive fullback with speed, ball control, passing, tackling.

Craig Fleming RB STP 600k Oldham Athletic

A good fast RB

Alain Goma RB STP 650k Auxurre

A good cheap defender with pace

Gianluca Festa LB STV 700k Inter Milan

another quality full back - fast and a good tackler

Sol Campbell RB TSF 700k Tottenham H.

fast powerful full back

Peter Atherton RB STP 1m Sheffield Wed.

One of the best English RB in SWOS. Great speed and nice passing.

Alex Cleland RB THS 1.1m Rangers

great full back, fast and efficient.

Earl Barrett RB SPT 1.3m Everton

Very good player, his only flaw is lack of control.  Apart from that he has a good pass and shot and loads of pace.

Andy Myers LB STP 1.3m Chelsea

A quality fullback, very fast

Tom Boyd RB TPS 1.5m Celtic

World class, excellent passing, contol and tackling.

Gary Neville RB CTS 1.6m Manchester UTD

the best british right-back, quick, reliable, good passing.

Jason Mcateer RB STP 1.8m Liverpool

one of the best full backs. you definately get your money's worth because this player is very good.

Luisinho LB STP 4.5m Sao Paulo

the one and only best right back on the whole game

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Ian Gore D HTP 180k Doncaster Rovers

good quality, very cheap defender - his value will rise

Darren Barnard D SHP 250k Bristol City

An exceptional talent, great control, pace, pass, shot and tackling.

Michael Hemmingsen D SHF 450k OB (DEN)

fast with good tackling and heading skills

Taribo West D THS 450k Auxerre

A very good player for just 450 - his value will rise.

Emmanuel D SCF 500k Boavista

speed and ball control are his top skills, not your usual defender, but a very good player.

John Hughes D SHT 550k Celtic

an extra fast defender

Gary Mabbutt D THS 700k Tottenham H.

A fast defender with good all round ability.

Dean Richards D PSH 1m Woverhampton W.

An efficient defender, but he is also good at passing and sometimes has a good shot.

Alan Stubbs D HTS 1.6m Celtic

A world class defender, fast, efficient in defending.

Gary Pallister D THS 1.6m Manchester Untited

One of my favourite defenders in SWOS.  Fast, very good tackling and heading, always buy him if your defence is weak.

Steve Howey D HTV 1.9m Newcastle United

great defender

Lilian Thuram D THS 2m Parma

One of the very best defenders on SWOS.  Because of his good pace and passing he can be used all over the park, even as a winger or striker.

Chris Coleman D HTS 2.25m Blackburn

nice and tidy defender, fast as well.

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Marlon Beresford G 450k Burnley
Alan Fettis G 750k Nott'm Forrest

a good stopper

Eike Immel G 1m Manchester City
David James G 1.6m Liverpool
David Seamen G 1.6m Arsenal
Zetti G 1.8m Sao Paulo
Ian Walker G 1.8m Tottenham H.
Taffarel G 3m Athletico Miniero
Peter Schmeichel G 4.5m Manchester United

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