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SWOS 24/7
A well designed page, has regular updates including important SWOS news.  Also the home of the Boylan Update pack, has loads of good content including stats for all SWOS games.

Stay Sensible (Purple Sensi)
A quality Sensible site devoted to SWOS and other Sensi games.  Has masses of info on the creators of Sensi, with the ethos of Staying Sensible, you know it makes sense.  Used to be Sensi-Sational with Ultimate SWOS, then Purple Sensi- now has an even better design and is a giant Sensi site.  The Sensi 98 section is highly original, and the SWOS section has Goal of the Century chart.  And there is more... much more in fact.
A great resource for any Sensible Soccer fan. You can find some top quality downloads, online competition and championships, a forum, a shop, a calendar with SWOS events, find out about OOO and more. Sign yourself up and join with hundreds of SWOS fans around Europe and the World.

The homepage of the people who are making a new SWOS - it's official!

An Old SWOS site which started in 1997. Reports about Brazilian SWOS Cups and Tournaments since 1993. Has many pictures and unique files to download.

Sensible SWOS 9697
Has a cool update patch amongst other good downloads, and lot's of tips for editing SWOS


P.C. SWOS Windows Editor Homepage
One of the most famous and longest running SWOS pages, the author of this site with his own SWOS editor for windows, all the updates are out of date, but some editing info is still useful.

Ricky's SWOS 96/97 Site
This is a brilliant site with great SWOS features, including a massive list of players to buy, great teams and great career details, and a wicked advice/tactics section. Also one of the oldest SWOS sites, without which i might not have been inspired to make my own website.

Site devoted to Stu's career with Darlington. This is a sort of career diary of Darlington's rise to success under the careful management of Stu.  It's certainly worth a look.


An homage to Sensible Soccer by Matt Sephton.   He was programming a game which might have one day mimiced SWOS, there is a demo of the latest progress - although there has been no update since Feb'03


SWOSovi Svedoci
SWOS Witnesses - homepage of the Yugoslavian SWOS tournaments.  Has interesting history of SWOS, player profiles, and the original WORLD SWOS LEAGUE ONLINE.

SWOS Online League by maRCUS
An exciting league website for SWOS.  It looked promising at the start but soon came to a grinding halt.  You got 45m to spend on your squad of 16, my teams were looking good "Come on Jumpers 4 Goalposts!!!" (dead since Oct'03)

A World Of Sensible Soccer
Good page, has good downloads and information written by a SWOS expert.  It has not been updated for years.

DodgY$p1d3R'S SWOS page
SWOS site with screenshots, highlights and downloads. There is some oddly familiar material (dead since Jun'02)

SWoS - oficjalna strona Fan Klubu
Polish SWOS site, home of an official internet SWOS fan club in Poland (dead since Sep'02)

Another site for updates, careers and editing info (dead since Apr'98)


UEFA's official website

FIFA's official website