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ow come a game that posseses decidedly average graphics and sound can be such a big seller?  Well, Anco's Kick Off 2 has been on top of the footy game league since its release.  Many games have tried to knock it off top slot, few have even come close.
   Now however, it looks like as if we could see the game to topple Kick Off 2.   Sensible Software's Sensible Soccer looks like it has been snapped up by Renegade.
   The game is apparently a hybrid of both Speedball and Kick Off with far more attention to detail than the latter.  Apparently the game features about 40 national teams and 64 European clubs.
   The graphical detail even reaches as far as the article2_b.jpg (24518 bytes)spectators who perform Mexican waves when the action gets really exciting!
   The computer even plays you the 10 best highlights of the match after the final whistle.
   No details of when Sensible Soccer is to be released but expect it pretty soon, appearing on the Amiga first.

From GAMES-X Issue 46, 12th - 18th March '92