25.99 (3.99 as upgrade for
registered 1.0 owners)

There can be few Amiga garners who have not heard of Sensible Soccer. It is, in my view, quite simply the most playable soccer game to grace any home computer or console system. Fast, furious and packed with fun-filled features, the game represents great value for money.

But if you are one of the squillions of people who bought the game and, like me, have been playing it for some months now, you may, also like me, have started to make comments such as, "It’s pretty neat now, but wouldn’t it be even better if they had thought of...?" and so forth. Well, the chances are that Sensible Software DID think of them, but had no time to include them in version 1.0.

That’s where 1.1 comes in. Designed with the comments of the customers in mind, along with original goals for the product from the outset, it aims to set right the few areas which let the game down before. The result? Well, dare I say that it’s more playable? Perhaps not.

It certainly is tougher, with the inclusion of improved goalkeepers. The raising of the crossbar by a pixel barely makes up for this... They really are in a different league, catching the ball more often than not, parrying it around the post and that loophole, allowing a goal you could always score from the corner, has been closed.

Another important addition are the red and yellow cards. These are just like the real thing, a caution or sending off for a player who’s committed a foul. In a league or competition, you are banned from matches according to the ‘real’ FA rules. And on that note, the backpass rule has also been woven into

Sensi 1.1. Now, a backpass to the keeper results in him becoming a ‘normal’ player, able to run down the pitch, kick, pass and tackle as usual. If he loses possession, he runs back into the area to assume his place in goal again!

And of course the teams have all been updated to include the 1992-93 players. Add to that the new custom teams, including Spelling Mistaiks, Bad Words and Murder Weapons and Sensible Soccer 1.1 has done the impossible -beaten Sensi 1.0 to the title of best computer soccer game. Question is, what will Sensi 2.0 include?


Graphics:          88%
Sound:              84%
Game Play:      92%
Decision:          91%