Here are some cheats for Sensible Soccer and SWOS which you can use if you are really stuck, or for a laugh.

How to get 100,000,000 in a SWOS career
This has to be the cheat of all cheats in management mode.  To get all this extra cash in career mode, download the SWOS Money Maker -
Extract to our SWOS folder.  Run the swosmm30.exe program and select a career.   Exact career name must be typed first time, then press the "." key instead of enter.  Cheat the career, then press "." three times, then exit.   When you load your career in SWOS you will have a huge bank balance, you can do this as many times as you want in a career.

How to get free players:
This cheat works on all SWOS games and it allows you to get free players from other clubs.  If you want a good player you have to already have a player of the same position who's worth a lot of money.   For an example say you were Juventus, try this: select to buy Cantona from Man U + the sub attacker too, then put the amount of money you are offering down to zero, then click on "+" and select Del Piero.  So you want to but Cantona and the sub striker for 0 and Del Piero, click on make offer.  If they accept the deal you should have Cantona, their sub would have dissapeared, you would still also have Del Piero, and have spent no money at all.  A nice trick I say.  This cheat will also work for Midfielders or Defenders but all the players in the deal must be the same positions, must be a first team player and a sub, a first team player in your team, and the deal is more likely to work if your player is worth more than the two you want to buy.

How to score a goal every shot, even kick off:
When you take a shot on target (has to be a big kick from kick off), press the "R" button for a replay.  In the replay press the fire button and hold it, keep holding it after the replay and all the players will have stopped moving to let the ball go into the net (if the shot was good enough).  I really wouldn't advise using this cheat though, 'cos it really is a scummy cheat.

How to change your opponent's tactics:
At half time (with a joystick in port B aswell) hold the cursor key which points in the direction you were just playing, then press the button on the port B joystick (still hold the cursor key).  As soon as the bench appears let go of everything and you should now be able to change all your opponent's tactics including subs and formation.  You can cause some real mayhem by editing and saving your own tactics where the players all leg it away from the ball to the corners of the pitch, and playing their sub keeper as striker.

To score off a corner every time on Sensible Soccer
Kick the ball towards the goalie.  When a forward gets hold of it, kick it accross the goal mouth and use after-touch to bend it into the net.  The computer never quite manages to work out what is going on until it is too late.  You can also try a long range after-touch shot like this by playing a short corner, then swerving it in.  The keeper will still dive away in fear of the ball.

How to change the computer's line-up on Sensible Soccer
When your match appears next on the fixtures screen, for example England (you) v Germany (The opposition), instead of choosing next match, click on Exit.  Now choose friendly from the main menu and choose Germany as your team.  Go to the Team/Formations Screen and get all the German star players on the bench, put the forward in goal, and generally mess about with the original team selection.  now start to play the game, but escape from it as soon as it begins.  Return to the League/Cup games and View Opponents's team (Germany).  Your opponent team will still be mucked up!

Slow Motion on Sensible Soccer
This cheat will allow you to play the game in slow motion.  What you have to do is play a match and then make a substitution.  Then when the player is walking off, press the 'ESC' key and you will quit the game.  Start another match and you should notice that everything plays at slow speed, even the timer! To return to notmal, make another substitution, but let it carry through.