Compo Corner November 2000

Winners of these monthly SWOS competitions don't actually receive a prize, it is just so the world can see people's SWOS moments of glory, amazing skill and more.

Competition closed until further notice

Match of the Month - November 2000

A fine winning performance by Hartlepool in this frantic FA Cup final against Arsenal.  The final score was 3-1, but Hartlepool won with some stylish finishing by the stand-in striker! download

An exciting encounter between 2E6f and the 2F Allstars also wins the award this month.  A thriller of a match where the Allstars won it by a goal in the end - by Joseph Yong - download

Best piece of skill -   November 2000

Freddy Hajas wins the award for best piece of skill this month, for this "Da vaca dribble".  The player passes the ball forward and then runs around the defender, it is just a shame he didn't score.

vaca.gif (180357 bytes)

highlights (

Team of the month -   November 2000

Christchurch FC
for winning all their matches so far this season.

Player of the Month -   November 2000

Steve Halliday
Such an excellent player on SWOS 96/97.  He almost single handedly helped my Hartlepool side to win the European cup for 3 seasons in a row with his dribbling skills, goals and crosses.

Most Dumb-assed thing of the month - November 2000

Here the keeper make a save from Franz Hobiger's shot, and then the Frankfurt defender passes the ball around the bewildered keeper into the goal!? download

This is just as bad, the Herfolge defender who is obviously in awe of Intravolvo's Arsenal strikers just does their job for them. download

Another on of these psychopathic defender mistakes.  This time Christos Katsikas is playing as Brazil, when Cameroon decide to open the scoring themselves - at the wrong end! download

Stupidest  thing of the month - November 2000

This is a stupid own-goal by Paul Turner, the defender tries passing back to the keeper, but under pressure he curls it into the bottom corner! download

Here's a header back to the keeper that went horribly wrong.  The keeper misjudges it and the ball just bounces into the goal (1-2) - from the increasingly stupid Paulinho! download

And here's another, this time from closer range a header which was meant as a pass-back sails into the net (3-2) - from the completely mad Intravolvo! download

Save of the month - November 2000

2 very good saves win the award this month.   The first is a great save from Jos Yong's penalty (last highlight).  The striker takes things a little too far with all the wiggling about and the keeper is not fooled and saves with his outstretched feet! download

jos105.jpg (12463 bytes)  sotmnov.jpg (14379 bytes)

And joint best save goes to Sebastiano Rossi.   Poor Once Municipal thought they had scored as a screaming shot was headed for the top corner of goal.  Then the keeper makes a fantastic save, punching the ball very high in the air and away from danger! download

Worst Miss - November 2000

Sorry Petr, but this shot was so bad that it had to win this award :)

pasek.jpg (16041 bytes)

Petr Kubin is 2-0 up and then has the easiest chance for 3-0 and the striker just bottles it! - download

Also, here the other side have a great chance to get a goal against Nick Reiser (chance for 3-1), but the striker clears the shot over the bar!? download

Most Un-sportsman-like behavior - November 2000

dive.gif (10369 bytes)Two very hot matches from the first round of the champions league match here, tackles were flying in.  There are so many fouls from Minsk that all 5 Porto goals are from penalty kicks.  This is very bad behavior from the computer in control of Dinamo Minsk, and from Davy Eerens' Porto in the second match.  Download (first match), (second match).

brutal.jpg (12347 bytes)

Second place this month is for this very blatant dive by the computer with Andy Cole.  The referee was not fooled though and Marcus Richard's side survived a bit longer. download

Most despicable behavior - November 2000

Oh dear! It's another pre-meditated act of evil by the computer.  This foul is very, very bad! download

badfoul.jpg (11424 bytes)

Weirdest thing o' the month - November 2000

Here's a weird bit of refereeing for you.   The referee shows a red card to the defender who has just conceded a penalty. He puts his face in his hands but stays on the pitch, then every other player leaves the field instead! Bizarre indeed!! from Intravolvo. download

alloff.jpg (8743 bytes)

Another weird thing in second spot this month.   The goal keeper is holding the ball, and then seems to throw it sideways using his ear!? download

Strangest  thing o' the month - November 2000

The striker heads the ball onto the bar and it drops on the line.  The referee gives a goal in Intravolvo's favor - strange (3-2).  download

The strangest goal this month is this back-flick goal by Paul Turner.  Just how on Earth did the striker connect with the ball to score in such a way!? download (2-0)

howdidhe.jpg (14437 bytes)

Most unusual thing o' the month - November 2000

You don't often see a goal on SWOS where the ball doesn't hit the net, so here are 2 goal where the ball only just trickles over the line.  I believe there was a challenge on Ricky Tang's site to score like this, so here you go! Download (7-0), and (1-0)

Worst injury crisis of the month - November 2000

"In the opening game I lost smith for the whole season and huckerby for 4 games.  I lost most of my team for at least one game within the next 6 games.  I then remembered about huckerby and recalled him, after 2 games I lost him for the season.   In my 14th (or 15th can't remember (it was the liverpool game)) I lost batty for the season.  You will notice that I have also got no money and have only bought 1 player.  You should also note that I have 3 players valued at 5k, I had to play reserves and trialists due to lack of players.  I believe that this is the worst period of 16 games ever."
    "I have lost bowyer for the season since I sent the last saved file.  It must only be possible to have 4 players injured at once, I haven't had a single player injured in 20 games since I lost bowyer."

The words of Phil Braithwaite after the worst injury problems at the start of a season ever.  Phil's Leeds side also went bankrupt too.  Here is a couple of screenshots of the career just to show you how bad it looked.

After 16 matches!  After 20 matches!!!!

Worst Referee - November 2000

The final award this month is for the worst referee.  I though this decision was particularly unfair, as I won the ball, and my player had been fouled a second before (4th h.) download

"THE REFEREE'S A W*****!!"

Also here's another piece of silly refereeing - the goalkeeper picks up the ball outside his area, but the reff doesn't see it! from Alex Richards - download

goal2.jpg (7721 bytes)