The list of team numbers

All the information of this list was written by Kristian Johansen.

Albania 000 Austria 001 Belgium 002 Bulgaria 003
Croatia 004 Cyprus 005 Czech Republic 006 Denmark 007
England 008 Estonia 010 Faeroe Islands 011 Finland 012
France 013 Germany 014 Greece 015 Hungary 016
Iceland 017 Rep. of Ireland 018 Israel 019 Italy 020
Latvia 021 Lithuania 022 Luxembourg 023 Malta 024
Holland 025 Northern Ireland 026 Norway 027 Poland 028
Portugal 029 Romania 030 Russia 031 San Marino 032
Scotland 033 Slovenia 034 Spain 035 Sweden 036
Switzerland 037 Turkey 038 Ukraine 039 Wales 040
Yugoslavia 041 Algeria 042 Argentina 043 Australia 044
Bolivia 045 Brazil 046 Costa Rica 047 Chile 048
Colombia 049 Equador 050 El Salvador 051 Japan 055
South-Korea (national) 057 Malaysia (national) 059 Mexico 060 New Zealand 062
Paraguay 064 Peru 065 Surinam 066 Taiwan 067
South Africa 069 Tanzania (national) 070 Uruguay 071 Original custom teams 072
USA 073 World Cup 074 India 075 Belarus 076
Venezuela 077 Slovakia 078 Ghana 079 Europe (national) 080
Africa (national) 081 South America (national) 082 Asia/Middle East (national) 084 Oceania (national) 085


Quantities of teams per file in SWOS 96/97

All the information of this list was written by Olly.

P   = Premier Division
F  = First Division
S  = Second Division
T  = Third Division
N  = Non-League


Albania P=16 Austria P=10 Belgium P=18 Bulgaria P=16
Croatia P=12 Cyprus P=14 Czech Republic P=16 Denmark P=12
England P=20-F=24-S=24-T=24 Estonia P12-N=2 Faeroe Islands P=10-N=2 Finland P=12
France P=20-F=22 Germany P=18-F=18-N=10 Greece P=18-N=7 Hungary P=16-N=5
Iceland P=10-N=3 Rep. of Ireland P=12-N=3 Israel P=16-N=1 Italy P=18-F=20-N=13
Latvia P=10 Lithuania P=12 Luxembourg P=12-N=4 Malta P=10-N=5
Holland P=18-F=18 Northern Ireland P=16 Norway P=14-N=7 Poland P=18-N=9
Portugal P=18-N=8 Romania P=18-N=4 Russia P=18-N=5 San Marino P=10-N=2
Scotland P=10-F=10-S=10-T=10 Slovenia P=16-N=4 Spain P=22-F=20-N=6 Sweden P=14-N=5
Switzerland P=12-N=4 Turkey P=18-N=6 Ukraine P=18 Wales P=20-N=2
Yugoslavia P=10 Algeria 042 Argentina  P=20-N=20 Australia
Bolivia P=12-N=2 Brazil P=24 Costa Rica Chile P=16
Colombia P=16-N=1 Equador P=12-N=2 El Salvador Japan
South-Korea (national) Malaysia (national) Mexico New Zealand
Paraguay P=12 Peru P=16 Surinam P=10 Taiwan
South Africa Tanzania (national) Uruguay P=12-N=14 Original custom teams
USA World Cup India Belarus P=16-N=2
Venezuela P=22 Slovakia P=12 Ghana Europe (national)
Africa (national) South America (national) Asia/Middle East (national) Oceania (national)



The List of sounds.

The list below was written by Olly (Oliver Worthington).

Adjusting Tactics.

1. M10_3_.raw = "Perhaps a fresh pair of legs will inject new life into the team now"
2. M10_4_.raw = "Perhaps they need a fresh pair of legs on now"
3. M10_5_.raw = "Looks like a tactical switch"
4. M10_7_.raw = "It'll be interesting to see how this change effects the team"
5. M10_8_.raw = "It'll be interesting to see how this changes things now"
6. M10_9_.raw = "Lets hope that the team can settle into this new formation quickly"
7. M10_a_.raw = "I wonder how quickly it's going to take them to settle into this new formation"
8. M10_b_.raw = "Slight shuffle in positions for the team"

Near misses

9. M10_d_.raw = "Oooooo desperately close"
10. M10_e_.raw = "Ooooo only a lick of paint away there"
11. M10_f_.raw = "The woodwork saved them on that occasion"
12. M10_g_.raw = "Keeper beaten but it's off the woodwork"
13. M10_h_.raw = "Oooor Crash off the post"
14. M10_i_.raw = "Smack it's hit the bar"
15. M10_j_.raw = "Inches wide, only inches"
16. M10_k_.raw = "Ooooooo What a shot that was"
17. M10_r_.raw = "He's hit the woodwork"
18. M10_s_.raw = "It's in, No it's hit the woodwork"
19. M10_t_.raw = "Has to be, It's off the post"
20. M10_u_.raw = "It must be, It's off the bar"


21.M10_v_.raw = "It's gone out for a corner"
22. M10_w_.raw = "That's a corner"
23. M10_x_.raw = "Ooooooo corner" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
24. M10_y_.raw = "Now this could be dangerous"
25. M10_z_.raw = "Everyone's up into the penalty area" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)

Referee Comment

26. M158_.raw = "Referee where are your glasses" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)


27. M158_1_.raw = "What a goal"
28. M158_2_.raw = "Fantastic goal"
29. M158_3_.raw = "Superb strike"
30. M158_4_.raw = "It's in the net"
31. M158_5_.raw = "GOAL"
32. M158_7_.raw = "It's in the back of the net"

Own Goals

33. M158_p_.raw = "What on earth was he thinking of"
34. M158_q_.raw = "It's a full moon, Balloons are out"
35. M158_s_.raw = "O.G, What a terrible mistake"
36. M158_t_.raw = "Oh No"
37. M158_x_.raw = "What a ridiculously soft goal to concede"
38. M158_y_.raw = "Oh so silly, Oh so soft"


39. M158_z_.raw = "Referee"
40. M195_.raw = " That's a terrible tackle"
41. M196_1_.raw = "Ooooo What a dreadful foul that was"
42. M196_2_.raw = "He'll be lucky to stay on the pitch after that one"
43. M196_4_.raw = "You could say that challenge was a bit over the top"
44. M196_6_.raw = "Free kick there"
45. M196_7_.raw = "Ooor that's a definite free kick"

Sending Offs

14. M196_8_.raw = "He's seen red he's off"
15. M196_9_.raw = "I'm afraid he got what he deserved"
16. M196_a_.raw = "Ohh he had to go referee had no option"
17. M196_b_.raw = "The referee had no choice but to send him off"
18. M196_c_.raw = "That's a terrible decision by the referee" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
19. M196_d_.raw = "Terrible decision by the ref" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
20. M196_e_.raw = "It's an early bath for him"
21. M196_f_.raw = "That's the long walk to the early bath"
22. M196_g_.raw = "He sees red, he'll see the taps, it's an early bath" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
23. M196_h_.raw = "Sending off, that'll surely effect the outcome of this one"
24. M196_i_.raw = "I wonder if this will effect the outcome of the game"
25. M196_j_.raw = "Football's a mans game" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)


26. M196_k_.raw = "Penalty"
27. M196_l_.raw = "Oooooh It's a penalty"
28. M196_m_.raw = "Penalty ref"
29. M196_n_.raw = "A penalty a great chance to score"

Saved Penalties

30. M196_t_.raw = "It's Saved"
31. M196_u_.raw = "The penalty's saved"
32. M196_v_.raw = "He's saved it"


33. M196_w_.raw = "Oh what agility"
34. M196_x_.raw = "Great save the keeper"
35. M196_z_.raw = "That was a fantastic save"
36. M233_1_.raw = "Oh magnificent stop by the keeper"

Missed Penalties

37. M233_2_.raw = "No bottle there what so ever" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
38. M233_4_.raw = "His bottle went there" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
39. M233_5_.raw = "Oh No he's missed it" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)

40. M233_6_.raw = "One against one from twelve yards, he's missed it"

Scored Penalties

41. M233_7_.raw = "One against one from twelve yards, superbly placed"
42. M233_8_.raw = "Aoor superbly placed"
43. M233_9_.raw = "No question it's in"
44. M233_c_.raw = "Oh the ice men comet"

Player Substituted

45. M233_j_.raw = "Yer the boy done good"
46. M233_k_.raw = "Ahh but the boy done good"
47. M233_l_.raw = "The lad deserves a round of applause doesn't he"
48. M233_m_.raw = "Yer the lad deserves a round of applause, done well"


49. M313_1_.raw = "There sending the big men forward now"
50. M313_2_.raw = "Will it be a near post corner"
51. M313_3_.raw = "Will it be a far post corner now"

Claimed By The Keeper

52. M313_6_.raw = "That's well claimed by the keeper"
53. M313_7_.raw = "Ahh good goalkeeping"
54. M313_8_.raw = "Keeper's come, he's got it"
55. M313_9_.raw = "Well claimed"


56. M313_a_.raw = "Superb save"
57. M313_b_.raw = "Oh what a great stop"
58. M313_c_.raw = "Good hands, Good hands"
59. M313_d_.raw = "Ahh great hands there"
60. M313_e_.raw = "A good goal keeper fills the team with confidence" (speeded up) (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
61. M313_g_.raw = "Keeper's up"
62. M313_h_.raw = "Keepers ball" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)

Good Passes

63. M313_i_.raw = "That's played nicely to feet"
64. M313_j_.raw = "Ahh superb ball there"
65. M313_o_.raw = "That's a lovely pass"

Good Jumping Headers

66. M33_2_.raw = "That's a super spring" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
67. M33_3_.raw = "Nice jump" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
68. M33_4_.raw = "He's up, He's got it" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
69. M33_5_.raw = "Well Reached" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
70. M33_6_.raw = "He's up for it, well met as well" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
71. M33_8_.raw = "He's got his head to it" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
72. M33_a_.raw = "Ooo He's up for it" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
73. M33_b_.raw = "Superb header" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)

Good Play

74. M349_4_.raw = "Well played"
75. M349_7_.raw = "Well won"
76. M349_8_.raw = "Ooorr great determination in there"
77. M349_e_.raw = "That's a great tackle"
78. M365_1_.raw = "Well in there"


52. M406_3_.raw = "This is going to be a short one"
53.M 406_7_.raw = "Here he is then with the throw"

Throw In

35. M406_8_.raw = "Throw in then"
36. M406_9_.raw = "Now come on, let's get things going with the throw"
37. M406_f_.raw = "The full time whistle blows, it's been so close" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)

End Game Comments

38. M406_g_.raw = "That's the full time whistle, oh so close" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)
39. M406_h_.raw = "The full time whistle blows, it's been a complete rout"
40. M406_i_.raw = "The full time whistle goes, it's been a cracker"
41. M406_j_.raw = "Oh what a sensational game, as the referee blows the final whistle" (Comment on the CD not used in the game)

Yellow Card

42. M433_7_.raw = "That's a yellow card I don't think he can complain about that at all"
43. M433_8_.raw = "Has to be a yellow there"
44. M433_9_.raw = "Oh he's got to be booked for that"
45. M433_a_.raw = "He's been booked he's a little bit unlucky"
46. M433_b_.raw = "That's a caution from the referee"


47. M433_c_.raw = "I think the referee's going to book him here"
48. M433_d_.raw = "The referee, I think will book him"
49. M433_e_.raw = "That looks like a booking to me"
50. M433_f_.raw = "Oh that's a bookable offence"
51. M433_g_.raw = "Well he's in trouble here, it could only be a booking"
52. M433_h_.raw = "He's in trouble with the referee, it could just be yellow"

Yellow Card

53. M433_i_.raw = "Well he was very luck just to get away with just a yellow card and a booking"
54. M433_j_.raw = "Yellow card ? He should have been off ref"