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Best Goal ever Chart


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1 Guaraaaa Wow this goal is one of the best yet, A poweful but gently floating cross shot, that flies in over the keeper to the far corner.  There are two other similar goals in the chart but this one beats them both. (2-1) Paul Turner Mar99
2 Topman (1-0)  Paul Turner's goal in the league for Hartlepool V Wrexam just almost tops the lot.  It is a perfect looping header from just outside the box which loops cheekily over the keeper into the top corner - headers just don't come much better. Paul Turner Dec99
3= Bergdia2 (2-0) This goal may not be the most spectacular in the chart but it comes in at number 3 from Intravolvo who makes a fine debut in the chart.  The cool nod-down header across the keeper into the bottom corner requires extreme skill - a great header. Intravolvo Dec99
3= Twohead (1-1) One great looping header sets up an amazing first-time looping header. Intravolvo Dec99
4= Bergdia (2-0) A well cheeky and very skillful flick-header into the top corner from just outside the 6 yard box. Intravolvo Dec99
4= Bouncelp (1-0) This looper, headed after one bounce loops high in the air and then bounces over the keeper, hilairious. Intravolvo Dec99
5 Watfords This hatrick of great goals charts so highly because of the quality. (1-1) A backwards header to set up a wonderful lob. (3-1) Wicked lob. (4-1) a really, really powerful looping shot from an angle. Paul Turner Mar99
6 Bustamov A player heads the ball into the box to a team-mate who does the most audacious flick over the 'keeper, this leaves the defence in tatters and an easy finish for the striker.  This goal is so near the top of the chart because it is so original and very high skill is needed for that amazing flick.   (3-3) Paul Turner June99
7 Ohwowyes This goal also is highly placed in the SS chart because it is so cheeky and skillful, it was a great match any way but this goal for 2-0 was just fantassimo, a reverse header right into the very top corner, keeper had no chance. Paul Turner Mar99
8 Loooping Debutant Bjorn knudson lobs his way into the SS goals chart with this delicious looping header.  There is none quite like this in the chart and it is just so beautiful (sob, sob). Bjorn Knudsen Feb99
9 Jackson This is the finest goal.  The player casually smacks it from a difficult angle, the ball swerves and crashes, supaflies into the far corner.  A boom goal, glorious chip, the flight of the ball is stunning! (2-0) Paul Turner Oct98
10 Rairun From the halfway line the player starts running with the ball, twisting and turning round at least 7 players. Then as defenders are sliding all over the place he cooly walks it round the keeper. (4-0) Phillip Le Marsay Mar98


(1-0) An incredible goal, a super-dooper-back-heel-flick from a cross, it flies straight into the top corner. Johnny K Oct99
12 vengaboy One of the best freekicks ever, amazing! Paul Turner Apr99
13 Noddy (2-0) A very skillful flick-header from about ten yards, placed perfectly after a lovely cross. Paul Turner Dec99
14 Iloveit (4-0) An amazing shot from out by the wing which flies through the air with some swerve to crash into the net by the far post - no chance for the keeper.  This would have been 1st place in any other chart but it is still very close to being the top of this one Franz Hobiger Dec99
15 Keepgoal I have never seen anything like this, a goal from a completely un-edited keeper.  The goalie manages to run the ball a good way past the half-way line, then he cuts inside a bit and launches a spectacular lob into the corner. (1-3) Bjorn Knudsen Jan99
16 Jump2it A very skillful goal, it is made by a trully excellent twist, turn and chip which takes out 4 defenders by one player in the box and then a reflex header of the very tricky to do variety.  (3-0) Paul Turner June99
17 Juliaahn A clever cut back from the striker and from about 40 yards the player hits a curling, tricky lob that leaves the goalie absoulutely rooted. (3-0) Paul Turner Oct98
18 Thedemon This is one of the best headers ever, a brilliant reaction header from over 40 yards, it just cruises into the top corner (1-3). Damian Marsault June98
19 Ohmygod This goal would have been placed higher if it wasn't for the fact that the scorer was in control of both teams. BUT still, it's such a brilliant goal.  About one centimetre from the goal line the player chips the ball over the face of goal and with very slight after-touch, bends it into the top corner. (1-0) Phillip Marsay Feb99
20 Shampoo An amazing shot from out on the wing, it just floats through the air but zooms over the stranded goalie. What a goal! Paul Turner Jan99
21 Bombman Headers do not come much better than this at all, very high skill involved here as the player performs a perfect reverse header into the net. (4-0) Bjorn Knudsen Feb99
22 Ilie A 40 yard + Lob header, the striker takes it first time and it goes right up over everything, then under the bar. (1-0) Paul Turner Dec98
23 golazo (2-1) Thanks to Pilar Lopez for this wonderful goal.  A fine run up the wing and some nice control and then from a tight angle a swerving chip over the goalie that nestles nicely in the bottom corner! Pilar Lopez Sep99
24 Hrdtoblv (3-0) The striker gains possesion at the edge of the box and then instantly shoots a wicked curling shot from a tight angle into the far corner. Franz Hobiger Dec99
25 Arsenal6 (3-0) A very powerful freekick from 30 yards.  It is hit sweetly over the wall, straight into the top corner. Paul Turner Dec99
26 Centrbak The centerback cuts up some players in midfield after running it from his own box, then scores from miles out with a bitchin lob, again the keeper has no chance. (3-0) Paul Turner Nov98
27 Papin12 (12-0) The ball is stolen quite savagely from the other side, then the player moves into position and BOP! smacks the ball in a straight line lob into the top corner.  The build up of 11 other goals makes it look even more impressive Paul Turner Aug99
28 Freekk13 The swerving shot from a freekick is perfect and leaves the 'keeper no chance. (2-0) Franz Hobiger June99
29 Bonini This freekick is stunning, and again the shot is perfect. (1-1) Paul Turner June99
30 Huhuuuuu A different angle from this freekickhere but about the same distance and equally as much skill. (2-0) Franz Hobiger June99
31 Heldoff The player takes it from midfield and with great skill holds off all challenges from more than 5 players before smashing it home. (2-0) Phillip Le Marsay Feb99
32 Eurofinl He goes round a few players and curls in a brilliant horizontal lob, a special goal in the Euro Cup final. (2-0) Paul Turner Oct98
33 Aaaaaaah A perfect lob header from just inside the box, no chance for the keeper (2-0) Paul Turner Nov98
34 Seedorf3 (5-0) Pay close attention from the point where goal 4 is scored.  There is a nice chip and then two looping headers to set up a player who heads against the post.  The ball bounces to a defender who is quickly tackled and Seedorf gets the ball.  He gets away from 4 defenders and then watch very carefully - as the keeper commits himself the player drags the ball through the keepers legs "NUTZ!" before walking it in.  If you see this the way I do then you shout out "NUTZ!" aswell when you watch this goal, great SWOS! Paul Turner Sep99
35 bestdrib (5-1) This is a goal of very high skill by Gazz, the player has the ball for ages and just dribbles round the whole of the other team.  Finally as he runs into the box he shimmies past 5 more embarassed players and then walks it in. Gazz Sep99
36 Superrrb Lovely, simply lovely skill and an absolutely superb finish. (2-0) Paul Turner Oct98
37 Gogo3 (2-0) This is a beautiful goal with the outside of the foot.  From the edge of the box a lovely curling shot quite powerful too and across the goal into the corner. Gordan Renic Aug99
38 Ronnie2 (1-0) A swerving, zipping, horizontal lob that crashes into the goal with great style, the player takes the shot very early! Modica Massimo Aug99
39 Teeheeho This chip is just da bomb, check out the great pass and then a dipping shot from an extremely tight angle. Paul Turner Oct98
40 Beckham A step over to take out the full back as he runs up the wing and then a massively swerving chip into the far top corner. Beckham's predators do the business. Paul Turner Dec98
41 Twolobs Two simply outstanding chips, the first one sees the player in a great position before lobbing from a difficult angle, the second goal has the player do some great skill before scoring.(5-0,6-0) Phillip Le Marsay Nov98
42 Goal (1-0) This amazing long-range shot is hit from a difficult angle outside the box, but it swerves and curls into the far top corner with power. Thomas Billingham Oct99
43 Miguel (9-0) This goal is almost the same as the one above, but it doesn't qutie look as spectacular, it's on more of a looping path as it dips under the bar. Paul Turner Oct99
44 Verycool More highly skillful play here as the striker does a difficult standing header from about the penalty spot after a great cross. (2-0) Paul Turner Feb99
45 litmanen He runs the ball outside the box and from a very tight angle lobs the keeper, a wonderful goal. (1-0) Paul Turner Apr99
46 Hyprcool (3-0) A curling lob that swoops over the box before gliding under the bar, some nice play by the winger to get in the position. Franz Hobiger Dec99
47 Megageil (1-0) After a good run the winger drives a brilliant diagonal lob over the goal keeper from outside the edge of the box Franz Hobiger Dec99
48 Yeehaars The first goal here was very good but the difficult angle for the 4th goal made it look a very cool finish indeed. (4-0) Paul Turner Oct98
49 Colluci (8-0) A cheeky, swervy sort of chip that floats over the defence and dips into the bottom corner leaving Mr.Goalie no chance. Paul Turner Aug99
50 fineform (1-0) A long range blast against PSG.  The ball is hit first time by the midfielder and it SLAM-DUNKS into the top corner!  The entire match is also entertaining to watch. Paul Turner Sep99
51 inthface (3-0) Some nice skill from the winger and a good cross.  Then with amazing skill (&luck) the fire button is pressed at exactly the right time to direct the ball into the corner of goal as it hits the striker in the face! Paul Turner Sep99
52 gogo9 (5-0) A fantastic straight line long ranger that couldn't be any closer from hitting the post - right in the top corner with power too. Gordon Renic Sep99
53 Belarus (1-0) This one is a viscious swerving diagonal lob, the player turns quickly to drive it across the box and over the keeper. Paul Turner Nov99
54 tomgame2 (3-0) A lovely skillful standing header from a delicately placed chip. Franz Hobiger Sep99
55 ohmyweah (1-0) Simply a very, very powerful shot that really crashes in.  Unstoppable from 40 yards even! Ben Daggers Sep99
56 laudrup (2-0) A nice pass to Laudrup who curls in a peach of a lob from just outside the corner of the box! Daniel Sep99
57 Keysgoal A long range straghtish lob but this I scored when playing with the keys as Tunisia against England I couldn't believe that it went in. (1-1) Paul Turner June98
58 Planted The player turns round a bit then it's a great lob right in the top corner from over 40 yards. Paul Turner Dec98
59 Raul1 A mega skillful tight angle lob from the edge of the box, top draw chip. (2-0) Paul Turner Apr98
60 Firstie This goal is quite different from the above.   A midfielder plays a deceptive through ball, the striker displays excellent control, weaves his way into the box and clips it round the keeper in supercool style. (3-0) Bjorn Knudsen Feb99
61 Goal1 Straight from kick of the player gets the ball, holds off two players and then shots early, the ball loops through the air, bounces in the box and beats the keeper. This from new entrant to the chart Magnus Riis. (1-0) Magnus Riis June99
62 Jones (1-0) A powerul shot, hit first time from about 40 yards out it fizzes through the air and curls into the top corner.  The keeper just didn't see it! Paul Turner Nov99
63 Rivelino (1-0) The ball is cleared, but then the midfielder controls the ball and floats it suberbly into the top corner with bit of after-touch. Paul Turner Nov99
64 Hurlock A quick turn and a very classy powerful lob. (4-0) Paul Turner June99
65 Weit4 Another very stylish powerful lob, unstoppable from Nick Reiser! (3-0) Nick Reiser June99
66 Wotaflik An average finish by Weah but the best part of this goal is the very skillful header flicked on with perfect precision into the path of the striker. Ben Daggers Dec99
67 Dubbsup1 A very well placed through ball, the striker runs onto it and deploys the coolest finish ever. Paul Turner Apr98
68 Babangid A tight and very skillful finish, the ball rolls across into the corner. (2-0) Paul Turner July98
69 Unsworth The classiest goal I've ever seen from a fullback, a crashing horizontal lob. Paul Turner Sep98
70 Rounding Brilliant skill here, Hasselbank weaves and shimmies his way round defenders in the box and then walks it in. (5-0) Dave Jones Mar99
71 Batiheda (4-0) A quite brilliant header, like a bullet into the corner of goal, a great thru-ball and cross too. Paul Turner Aug99
72 Nicenod This is an extremely cool header, the cross falls just over the keeper and with arogance the ball is just nodded in. (5-0) Paul Turner Feb99
73 Sublime The midfielder does some blinding moves to take out some defending players and then lanches, a sweet gentle lob which graces through the air and over the goalie into the top corner of goal. (4-0) Phillip Marsay Feb99
74 Dilivio (3-0) Brilliant long-range free-kick! Paul Turner Aug99
75 Jippiee2 A brilliant lob from a very slight angle. (1-0) Nick Reiser June99
76 Colluci (6-0) The player reacts quikly when he is passed the ball and fires in a sublime lob. Paul Turner Aug99
77 mwrighty (2-0) These 6 goals are tied in this position - all of extremely high quality.  These are some brilliant diagonal-smash-lobs to round off this month's chart. Paul Turner Sep99
78 seedorf2 (2-0) Paul Turner Sep99
79 hoddle (2-0) Paul Turner Sep99
80 lineker (5-1) Paul Turner Sep99
81 beardsly (1-0) Paul Turner Sep99
82 2float (3-0) Gazz Sep99
83 Kerching Another great tight angle lob, nice. (1-0) Thomas Billingham June99
84 Whambham (3-0) A wonderful chip from just outside the corner of the box.  It curls right over the keeper into the far top corner. Paul Turner Oct99
85 Rbaggio Baggio shows some great skill here. The close control as he weaves through the defenders and round the keeper is brilliant. Paul Turner July98
86 Ruckwrts A very nice standing header, placed into the top corner. (9-0) Franz Hobiger June99
87 Vvlong Surely this must be the furthest goal ever scored on SWOS, from well inside his own half the player just kicks it. The ball rolls past the keeper who knows that he could well be out of a job. (1-1) Phillip Le Marsay Feb98
88 Explosiv Two great goals in the same match.   The first and very cool turn and finish, second an explosiv long-range shot. (5-0, 6-0) Paul Turner June99
89 Stavlob A big diagonal lob that has tons of power, what a finish as it goes into the far top corner. (3-0) Paul Turner Nov98
90 Devitis (5-0) Nice control, good cut inside, then a powerful diagonal lob Paul Turner Aug99
100 Formidab The only goal like this in the chart, a great pass then a shmashing half-volley over two defenders and a nice finish straight past Van der Sar. (2-0) Paul Turner Nov98
101 Aheuwdat Just amazing, the shot seems to be hit on the half-volley and it rockets into the top corner. (1-0) Paul Turner Mar99
102 Freekick A great looping freekick from a long way out! (1-0) Phillip Le Marsay Mar99
103 Biaggio A quick pass into space, the striker contols it and whips it in over the keeper on a tight angle. (1-0) Paul Turner Mar99
104 Freefar (1-0) An excellent 30 yard freekick.  It is perfectly placed with lots and lots of pace. Franz Hobiger
105 Jippiee Another up and under lob on a tight angle. (2-0) Nick Reiser June99
106 Amerini (3-0) Another floaty chip from just outside the box, flies right across the box before curling in. Paul Turner Aug99
107 Gogo5 (2-0) This is quite an original goal as it is difficult to get the ball straight into the top corner from this distance, and so casually too. Gordan Renic Aug99
108 Gogo5 (5-0) A really cheeky goal, from just inside the box the player passes the ball through defenders and past the keeper into the very corner of goal. Gordan Renic Aug99
109 Burley (5-0) A high looping lob that is hit first time from about 40 yards away with pinpoint precision. Paul Turner Aug99
110 Barca (3-0) This is another amazing long range horizontal shot that swerves and curls in top corner, it really crashes into the goal. Johnny K Oct99
111 Oiyoiy (2-0) A very skillful piece of play from two strikers here, one keeps the ball in play by a cool standing header across the face, and his partner does the rest. Paul Turner Oct99
112 Greatttt A new way of scoring that I have never seen before, a small chip for a close range powerful header, doesn't look that spectacular but good skill. (1-0) Nick Reiser June99
113 milano A terrific long-range drive that any SWOS player would be proud of. (3-0) Paul Turner Apr99
114 Moldyboy A sweet turn leaves the defenders frazzled then as he runs into the box chips a dipping lob into the near top corner. (2-0) Paul Turner Oct98
115 Pip A tremendous lob with the outside of the right boot, looks fantastic! Damian Marsault Apr99
116 Knowles2 (1-0) A great standing header finish from a great cross! Paul Turner Oct99
117 Lyonhead A very well placed chip and a delightful diving header (1-1) Franz Hobiger June99
118 Advantage This one full of brilliant diagonal lobs. 3 consecutive top quality diagonal smashes, taking full advantage of crap SWOS 'keepers. (1,2,3-0) Paul Turner June99
119 Sovetesi Two really excellent lobs from debutant Zeki Dizdar, smashing into the goal-net from long range (3,4-0) Zeki Dizdar June99
120 Lesaux A very powerful lob, hit first time. (3-0) Paul Turner June99
121 Jb A nice lob with a lot of spin. (6-0) Paul Turner June99
122 Zadar1 (2-0) Nice long range shot, crashes diagonally into the corner of goal. Gordan Renic Aug99
123 Marco (1-0) Another long range diagonal lob, fantastic. Paul Turner Aug99
124 Moravik (1-0) And another one, this time the keeper is just rooted to the spot. Paul Turner Aug99
125 Baabaa You'd think lobs could get boring but when they look as spectacular as this, no way.  A great run and a straight line lob. (1-0) Paul Turner June99
126 Paraguay Expert passing and control against Brazil and a cool finish. (1-0) Paul Turner July98
127 Giantkil the player strolls into the box and passes it into the goal, making the premiership defence look foolish. (2-1) Paul Turner June99
128 Mcdonjon (2-0) A zippy shot from a tight angle that zips aross the box and swerves into the bottom corner. Paul Turner Oct99
129 deftchip A brilliant chip over the defenders and across the keeper under pressure. (6-0) Paul Turner Apr99
130 Baldy A quality tight angle chip (4-0) Paul Turner June99
131 Lombardo A very classy lob, hit on the bounce with a lot of dip, outside of the foot and muchos power. (3-0) Paul Turner Oct98
132 Gfrancoz A great diving header (2-1) Paul Turner June99
134 emilio Great build up play and then an extremely powerful header that could not be stopped (2-0) Paul Turner Apr99
135 Woopeedo A great ball into the box and a high level of skill required for the standing header. (3-0) Paul Turner Nov98
136 Dicanio Player gets in a good position then scissor kicks it into the top corner as it drops from a terrific pass. (2-0) Paul Turner Nov98
137 Djorkys Djorkief doesn't waste his time here as he chips the ball into the far corner just under the bar, an amazingly accurate lob. (2-1) Paul Turner June98
138 Plum An original angle for this goal a very nice lob, curls in beautifully. Paul Turner Nov98
139 Quality A freekick of the very highest standard. A difficult place to chip from but the keeper steps out a little to far and the ball flies in. (5-0) Paul Turner Apr98
140 Wowweah (1-0) A cunning freekick from a very long way out just by the centre-circle. It is hoofed towards goal and then bounces by the penalty spot to decieve the keeper and nestle in the back of the net. EDD Daggers Nov99
141 Nelson1 (1-0) A dipping drive from all of 35 yards. Paul Turner Oct99
142 Nodin The skill level here is very high, from a corner the player nods in a nice standing header into the top corner from a difficult angle (2-0) Paul Turner Nov98
143 Peach A great pass then the player twists into the box and digs out a peach of a chip up and into the far corner, tight angle too. Paul Turner June98
144 milano A very cool piece of individual skill by the striker before passing the ball in (2-0) Paul Turner Apr99
145 Giovanni A nice tight angle lob (4-0) Paul Turner June99
146 Kurze4 A powerful strike in towards the near post, a difficult angle to score from (2-0) Nick Reiser June99