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Miscellaneous Highlights

Here are some different highlights.  Send your highlights in for this section if something different happens, like: an amazing piece of skill, a disgusting foul, a very near but exciting miss, a controversial moment, an embarrasing own goal, clever tricks, great matches, outstanding results etc.

Just plain Miscellaneous, hey thank goodness I have spell check.huh.jpg (15662 bytes)

In October 99 Marius Zwetsloot won the award for dumbest thing of the month (right).  I know it was obviously an accidental mistake but what a fantabulous own goal chip for 1-3! (huh.zip)kepton.jpg (3747 bytes)

Skill of the month from Nov'99 (right) was for this outrageous piece of skill to keep the ball in play (kepton.hil).   It seems to be looping off for a throw-in but the player waiting by the line cheekily heads it back in, right off the line! download!
The second trick from that month (flick.hil) seems to have the player flicking the ball over his head to a team-mate, breaking down the attack. download

haha.jpg (18028 bytes) Hahahaha - This is some extraordinarily stupid play by the computer (left) - sent by Franz Hobiger

Handball - quite blatantly the forward knocked the ball over the line with his left hand (1st highlight).

Ehhaha - The striker runs to the byline and loops a header onto the bar, it bounces just in front of the line but the other player doesn't quite get to the ball, would have been a very bizzare goal indeed. -by Phillip Le Marsay

Maxskill - This moment of magic by Paul Turner - A jumping, backwards, back-heel, crossfield, flick-on pass! (below)

ball played in

position control Jumps and flicks it behind

Curling - A weird pass/shot, look at the curl on it (2nd Highlight)

perfecto - an un-explainable own goal by the computer.

Fastest - the fastest goal I have ever scored, in a 3 minute match the clock showed 0 mins.

Ahdear - Match of the month from November'98 - A great victory by the swiss team Aarau, Arsenal went one up which made me mad, a destructive attack of the Arsenal goal followed.weetoes.jpg (5192 bytes)

weetoes - Silly, silly stuff here as the keeper just gets scared of everything and tries to run away.  This leaves a completely open goal and it is very funny.  By Gazz   (right)

Miss of the Century

Made any disasterous mistakes before? I know I have.

missofc2 - derrr, what was he thinking. Some of the best passing ever and from very very close range he skies it over the bar into the stands. -by Paul Turner

missofc - A very stupid miss, the striker gets round everybody then for some reason (I don't know what even though it was me playing) he runs the wrong side of the post.

Weird corner

Welcome to the weirdest corner of any SWOS page, these are some of the weirdest highlights ever seen.

invisble.jpg (5739 bytes)

This is by far the weirdest thing on SWOS I have seen (I think).  There seems to be an invisible Westham player or just some sort of freak bounce.  Maybe there is a UFO flying over the stadium and it turns on its tractor beam for one second trying to pick up the football.  Click on the picture (above) to download the highlights and check it out for yourself. - from Intravolvo

wierd - this really is the weirdest thing I have ever seen on SWOS. The ball bounces unbelievably three times on the bar before dropping just in front of goal. -by Andrew Oldroyd

yeewat - My friend Alec is a bizzare guy at the best of times but only he (playing as Middlesborough) can get a player booked after all the other players have gone in for halftime. No replay buttons were held or anything. -by Alec Corio

outofhis - This is one of the strangest things I have ever seen on SWOS, the goal keeper is quite clearly holding the ball outside of his area, as you can see when he kicks the ball to the left touchline. -by Paul Turner

crazydan - I played here against my brother's friend daniel who has a habit of accidentally putting autofire on.  So whenever I gave him opportunity to shoot he passed it. The first goal was because he was confused as to which way he was shooting, the goal for 3-2 was pretty good (scored by my sub keeper who came on as RW).  But the reason I share these highlights was 'cos of the goal for 3-3, just look at the curl on the shot, I don't know what caused the ball to behave like this, a great finish scored not by me but but by autofire boy (Daniel O'Sullivan).

Onandoff The ball bounces on the bar and then back onto the pitch by the goal, but the referee gives a goal kick.  I guess it must have just bounced off the top of the goal net and then back over the bar... Strange!


Bad Behavior

Ever been mauled, maimed or hacked to the floor ruthlessly by the computer or your friend? I know I have.

Here's some bad behaviour from Dec'99 (left).   Look away now if you are squeemish (I think that's the word) because this most disgusting tackle is a career threatening lunge by the PC.  The Hartlepool player dives for a header but the ball passes over him, then before he can get up a Bolton player throws himself both-feet-first at his legs, leaving him writhing in agony on the floor. (Lunngge.zip)



4sentoff-a.jpg (24298 bytes)
4 players sent off, dispicable isn't it - bt PT - the team is left to play a 2-2-2 formation!! :)

Dispicab - A very nasty foul, pure evil intent by the computer. The player lunges his leg out, not unlike Beckham (2nd highlight). -by Paul Turner