This news page has details on all updates of Sensisuperstar, and what else is happening on the Sensi scene.

January 21st 2006
Welcome back to Sensi Superstar.  After a 5 year absence and several rumours of a comeback, I have finally updated my site.  So what happened to Sensisuperstar? Well it's a long story, and it doesn't really matter much anyway.

Firstly, some important news.  Chances are you already know some of this, but since my return to SWOS and the Sensible internet community I have noted a few things;
- There will be a new Sensible Soccer, from Codemasters, due for release in Easter 2006. I'm so excited about it, about time too :D
- Online Sensible Soccer is now available for all! Fantastic! See internet play
- There are new Sensible Soccer sites which have come and gone in the last 5 years. After the massive activity based around SWOS Witnesses, the brilliant Sensi site from Serbia, it is sad to see that it has stopped. Now, it seems that a large amount of the Sensible community revolves around This really is an international website with many members from around Europe and the World, there are some genius features, especially for organizing online SWOS, i even bought a t-shirt from the shop :) For more on current Sensi websites go to the links page, good to see some of my old favourites are still alive and kicking.

Secondly, lets see what changes have been made to my website.  Graphics are tweaked slightly, no big changes there. As for content, it is mostly still here.  I deleted some sections like the update2k patch which is well out of date.  I am not going to be making anymore update patches; a) you cannot get consistent updates from many different sources without extensive checking and correcting.  I do not have the time or will, and b) there is a new Sensible Soccer coming out soon, much more exciting.  I have tweaked a few other pages, but most notably, my Goals page, Compo Corner, and Guestbook have all returned from 404 land. Also, the Forum is back; I am very pleased to announce that Sensi Superstar is now linked to the Forum at and Purplesensi.  You must check it out and sign up, it's all good if you love Sensible Soccer.

Thirdly, I got the best present ever for Christmas; a special Plug and Play Sensible Soccer Megadrive.  It has 2 megadrive controllers and runs the SEGA Megadrive version of Sensi, with Cannonfodder and Megalomania thrown in as a bonus.  You just plug it into your TV - cracking!  I've been playing against my little brother loads - he likes the Sega version because it is easier to control dribbling. Amiga rules forever, but this little toy is tonnes of fun!