This news page has details on all updates of Sensisuperstar, and what else is happening on the Sensi scene.  Please e-mail me If there is any important or useful news that you want me to put on this page.

December 20th 2000
A slight re-shuffle with the frames and some new graphics is basically all I have changed this update.  There is one new link.  Merry Christmas everyone!!  I might put on a Christmas midi soon :)

December 15th 2000
Finally, I have the internet again.   I have been without a connection for nearly a month since my modem broke down.   Hence it has seemed like I died or something.  I made loads of updates for the week when my modem broke, so at last I can upload them.  I was going to do a SWOSupdate//2000 update, but it will now be out of date, I think it will be a while until I can release new updates.  Over Christmas I should be able to update the goals page and maybe the compo corner.

I have had many e-mails since I've been away.  It will take a while to answer them all, replies will be very late... sorry :)

This weeks updates include: Music downloads, Careers, New updates, Stories, best players, links, tips, cheats, Amiga Emulator, Amiga sounds

November 17th 2000
Loads of updates this week! Check out the all new Compo Corner, the first in a long time.  There are new updates in the SWOSupdate//2001, including fully accurate European draws for the Champions League and UEFA Cup!

Also there are some brand new records which are quite astounding - check out the records page.  And also this opinionated debate with Karks is not starting to cease yet...

Another brand new feature on the site is the SENSISUPERSTAR FORUM, here you can leave your opinions, and discuss anything about SWOS and football etc.  I also made a page about the Sensi-soccer newsgroup.

November 14th 2000
I have once again made some new additions to the site.  A new page called SWOS spirit has been made.  Also I have some great new information on the editing page about how to change trial players in SWOS. I have made a new tip at the tips page, there is a new best player added, and a new story added.  At the weekend I will unveil my all new competitions page with loads of cool highlights.  I also hope to release my next SWOSupdate//2001 patch at the weekend.

The last update to the page was over 2 weeks ago, so quite a few things have been going on.  I have added 3 new sites to the links page.

One of these new sites is by Matt Sephton.  He is a very ambitious SWOS fan who is working on a special project called "Simple Soccer".  It will be a new game based on Sensible Soccer but with a modem option! Great!  I wish him all the best of luck.  There is a brand new first demo available at his website click here to go there, or see the links page.  More news of this soon.

The other SWOS website with the most action right now is Lowrence is working very hard to bring us all the SLOL, the next round is out now!