This news page has details on all updates of Sensisuperstar, and what else is happening on the Sensi scene.  Please e-mail me If there is any important or useful news that you want me to put on this page.

December 26th
Sorry, let me correct myself.  The SWOSupdate//2000 does work with the SWOS 95/96 game, it only crashes in Career or Season mode.

Compo Corner page updated today, a little bit before the end of December but don't forget, the competitons page is for the last 3 months.

December 23rd
There is one big up problem with the SWOSupdate2000 - It crashes on SWOS 95/96 (Euro Championship edition).   This is bad news as so many people have this version of the game and are wanting to use the update with it.  It crashes at the end of one season as I have been hearing from many people via e-mail.  Don't worry though, I can fix it.  I just need a bit of time and some vital files.  I'll keep you all posted with news of how things are going.

December 21st
Today I have released version1.1 of the SWOSupdate//2000 patch for SWOS 96/97.  I made a few errors in the one I released on Sunday - I put the wrong bonus teams in (whoops!) for a start.  But remember this is just a test version - I will find some better music, make the teams more accurate, and give you a wider range of pictures to have in the background.

Apologies to anyone who has SWOS 95/96 and has found that the update crashes, this is because the update is for SWOS 96/97 only.  Don't worry though, pretty soon I'll be making a new update that does work with SWOS 95/96 so watch this space.

December 19th
The 99-00 season SWOS update patch is released today.  To download it click here or go to updates.  It has absouloutly loads of updated teams for SWOS 96/97 and some neat bonus teams.  It also includes new music, SFX and graphics - Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas.

December 11th
I have updated the Best Goal ever chart this week, but I still need to give it a bit of a revamp so all the brilliant highlights aren't in such a random order.

The SWOS 2k Message Board is starting to fill up with loads of good messages, please leave something to show that you want another SWOS if you haven't signed the board already.

Also on the Sensi website front, Purplesensi has its Christmas Awards 99 where you can vote for loads of things like best website, best goals page, best update patch and more.  And Sensibility returns after a long absence to the internet with the coolest Sensi address - and

December 4th
The goals page is updated today.  This month has seen the fewest ever entries to the competition, so there is only the top five.  The Best Goal Ever and Competition page are still to be updated after last month.  Most of my Sensible Soccer playing/site-designing time has been spent on the SWOSupdate//2000, which is still chugging along nicely - just the National teams and data checking to go now.  Does anybody have any suggestions for the music?  If you do then e-mail me.

Also to keep SWOS alive and running into the new millenium you can give your support for Codemasters to make a new SWOS game at the SWOS 2k Message Board.

And In future I have plans to make a new section of the side, to be devoted to peoples fantastic careers and famous teams.  I will be releasing bonus teams made up of your amazing SWOS sides that have won loads of trophies or just been plain amazing for whatever the reason.   I have already put together a few of my favourite sides, including Watford, Northampton, Australia, Brazil, Queens Park, Hereford, Fulham and Red Boys D'ange.   And there is the SWOS 94/95 XI and the SWOS 96/97 XI with all the great players from each SWOS game.  Of couse this means that I can only accurately make teams from careers that have used the original teams, because I don't have the data from the updates that you may have made to the game.  And the good thing is that this is not just for PC, AMIGA SWOS is covered too, so collect together your very best careers* and mail them to be with a run down of these things:

What seasons the team was most succesful in,
Inluential players,
Key victories and moments,
Famous players that were in the line-up at some time.
And any other important facts about why the career is so special.

*(The careers are saved as *.car files in your main SWOS directory on your PC, or on your saved game floppy disks for amiga.  Make sure they are saved at a stage where I can fully view who is in the squad and the formation used.  Please compress the files with winzip if possible)