This news page has details on all updates of Sensisuperstar, and what else is happening on the Sensi scene.  Please e-mail me If there is any important or useful news that you want me to put on this page.

February 20th 2000
This week I have updated the Best Players page.  Thanks to Stephen Smith for player suggestions.

Also this week I have heard that for some people who have downloaded my update2000 patch for SWOS 95/96 there have been problems.  In one case SWOS went through the first 4 seasons and then crashed.  Obviously there are a few bugs still to be ironed out.  I did some more testing myself and discovered that it crashed after just 2 seasons of Serie A football with AC Milan.  I will have to change some more of the team files to stop it from crashing.

Please, if SWOS crashes when you have played it with the update, e-mail me, but give details of when it crashes.  For example; I was playing with AC Milan, and it crashed after two seasons, it crashed on the Greek Cup Final.  This would be most helpful.

February 12th 2000
The pick of January's SWOS goals are online now at the Goals section.  See the news on the goals page to find out why this is the last goals update for a while.  I will update the Best Goal ever chart and Compo Corner next week.

I mentioned PURPLE Sensi last week.  The news is that the site is currently undergoing a re-design in preperation for its re-launch.  Easter is the expected launch date.  Lets hope that it makes a succesful comeback as there are very, very few SWOS sites worth visiting on the net now.

I hope the SWOSupdate2000 patch is working OK for everyone, please e-mail me if you are enjoying it and tell me if it crashes or not.

February 9th 2000
I haven't changed every single file for the SWOS 95/96 ECE update2000.  So far though, it seems to be working!  So, I have released a new version of my SWOSupdate2000 including teams for both SWOS 96/97 and SWOS 95/96 ECE.  The format is also slightly different as well so you don't have to download everything at once.

When you have downloaded the update for SWOS 95/96, if you play a few seasons of a career, could you e-mail me ( and let me know if it works or not - Thanks.

Goals page will be updated at the weekend.

February 5th 2000
This week I have some news about the SWOSupdate2000 and news about the strange disapearance of one of the most highly rated Sensible Soccer sites.

PURPLE Sensi, which had recently opened has been taken off the net.  For some reason the hosts 'Topcities' decided to remove the account of PURPLE Sensi so the website completely disapeared.  The author has wrote to me to say that PURPLE Sensi will be back, and he has not abandoned the website.  In around 4 or 5 weeks when a new server is found, PURPLE Sensi will return, better then ever.

The SWOSupdate2000 has been stalled recently as I have been busy with my school work.  I would like to let you all know that I have not abandoned it, it will just be quite sometime before I finish it.  I have started work on the SWOSupdate2000 for SWOS 95/96 ECE, and I will publish it online as soon as it is done.  I thought that it wouldn't take too long, but there have been a few complications.  To make the udpate work 100% I have to copy all the data from the 96/97 update, team-by-team (using copy and paste in the SWOSfff) to the 95/96 data files.  Boring huh!  And time consuming, so don't expect it to be done this week, maybe next week.

Goal of the Month, competitions, and Best goal ever updates are coming soon.