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January 21st
The Sensi Superstar goals page is up and running, check it out. It's an absoulute goals-fest with the best of 1998.  Since the page has only just been officially opened the chart consists mostly of my goals.  The chart will be updated at the beginning of each month featuring all the best goals sent in to me. Go to the Goals page

January 11th
Many additions to page in the last week, already the updates page, also you can download a great demo of SWOS, and now my SWOS chat room.  Chat about Sensible soccer, all things SWOS and whatever comes to mind at the time.

January 6th
Hello, my page finally has an updates page, check it out.  It includes the latest updates I can find (the ones I use), one of the most useful updates pages, I hope.

January 4th 1999
The new year is looking good for SWOS fans, another new site by Andre called SWOS and Total Soccer homepage has been opened, It is sad though to see Lucianno's page close.  You have to see the new records on my Records page which are very impressive.  I am pleased to have done well in the Sensi-Sational Christmas awards, this encourages me to develop my page further.   I am currently working on my updates page and my Goals page.