This news page has details on all updates of Sensisuperstar, and what else is happening on the Sensi scene.  Please e-mail me If there is any important or useful news that you want me to put on this page.

August 13th 2000
Been a little while since the last update.  I am sure all you folks are eager to get the new teams for 00-01 season, and I have been working on them.  There are still many teams left to update and more transfers to come.  So I will release a patch at the end of August or beginning of September.  This time all the major teams of Europe should be very accurate, especially since I will have a brand new German update as well as all the other leagues.   I need a new update for Holland as well, so anyone out there who can make one, please can you send it to me by e-mail.

I am going on holiday for 2 weeks from tomorrow to the 25th.  So there will be no updates or e-mail answering until then.  Have a good holiday everyone, and happy SWOS playing.

July 29th 2000
I have revamped my site design at long last.  I like the old one, but changes had to be made because new sections have to added to the menus.  Speaking of new sections, check out my all new tactics page.   It is on it's own seperate page instead of in the tips section, hopefully it will become an very interesting part of the site by itself.  I have been working on updates quite a bit, but there is so much mayhem in the transfer market that if I released my current updates they would go right out of date quicker than you could say "Goalscoringsuperstarhero!".  New updates will be released next month when the 00-01 season starts, and they should be worth the wait.

July 16th 2000
I just thought that I'd make a small update to give you a bit of SWOS news.  Phil Le Marsay has yet again revamped his site and also renamed it to Purple '00 - see links.  There is some new stuff at Purple now and updates are much more frequent.

There is a new Yugoslavian based SWOS site written by LOWRENCE.  See the links page again for details.  It is a good page and you should check it out, it has some intersting SWOS history and some very funny photos!!  Also has a new kind of SWOS tournament to play in!

Regarding updates to my site. Well I don't think that I will have any new updates worth putting in a new patch until the next season begins. So just site back and relax for the summer and I will try to gather some new updates for a brand new SWOSupdate//2000 in time for next season.  I will be trying to update some parts of my page this summer, including the careers page, goals page and Compo corner.  Also I might change the layout and add some new sections...

July 9th 2000
There have been some changes to the updates page.  I have provided a soloution for those who have problems with SWOS crashing.  Also there is a much more detailed list of all the updates in my patch.   Check it out.  If you have downloaded the correct update, your SWOS shouldn't crash at the end of a season.  If your SWOS crashes still, try downloading the patch again, or contact me.

Updates for next season will appear later in the Summer and into the new season.  Hopefully I will be able to collect many new updates to bring SWOS into the 2000/01 season.  The 96/97 game is now exactly 4 years old.  This means that the World cups happen at the correct time, all you need to remember in a career is to add 4 years to the date.  If a new SWOS is out by next year, this may be the last season anyone needs to update.

EURO2000 section updated, almost all match reports completed.  I will be starting work on the goals section pretty soon.

Other news is the growing interest in organised SWOS tournament.  I know of a good tournament which is played in Belgrade quite regularly.  I am going to try and gather players so that a London based tournament can be organised.  More news on this when I get it.