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September 11th
Greetings everyone!   I am glad to say that Sensisuperstar is back.  This week I have had my computer well and truly fixed so now the GOALS page and the COMPO CORNER are fully updated.  The Best players list has been updated aswell, with full comments and 3 new players.

There are a lot of goings on in the Sensi world, there is the excellent English Club patch for Sensible Soccer European Club Edition available at   And as Jarkko's SWOS tounament reaches the grand final stages, 3 more tournaments have popped up on the net.  One at for SSECE98, and two SWOS tournaments websites have been added to the links page.  In the future I might think about making a SWOS tournament here.

July 3rd
The Compo Corner has been added to Sensi Superstar.  It is an entertaining competition section with a range of different SWOS things to enter.