This news page has details on all updates of Sensisuperstar, and what else is happening on the Sensi scene.  Please e-mail me If there is any important or useful news that you want me to put on this page.

March 28th 2000
New updates this week, for details see updates.  I am also beginning to do some National Teams.  A few teams have been started on (England, France, Belgium, Austria, All African Nations Cup teams, Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia).  There have been several tournaments lately including the Gold Cup in America, and the African Cup of Nations in Ghana/Nigeria last month.  So there is lots of info. about on the net, maybe I can find some good South American info from last year's Copa America.

I still plan to do a Competitions update sometime, as I did not do it in February.

March 13th 2000
I have now been through all the leagues for SWOS 95/96 so that my update2000 patch won't crash.  This means that you can start a new career and play the usual 20 seasons without any problems.   Unfortunately, having installed the new patch (changes made to 95/96 version only) you might not be able to continue with careers you have started already.  I would advise you to try them anyway, but if they still crash then I'm afraid you will have to start again - sorry.

Download the new patch from updates now, only the 95/96 update has changes made.   New teams should be available soon.  As always I'll let you know what is happening.

March 11th 2000
This week I have done an editing guide for SWOS.  It should make editing a lot clearer, and it points out a few important factors you must consider when editing.  I have made some good progress with the SWOS update.  I have completely gone through some of the major Leagues in Europe and also Brazil, they are much more realistic now.  I will not be releasing my new teams yet, because I am still working on a fix for the 95/96 update.

March 4th 2000
Welcome to the new month all SWOS fans and valued visitors of this page.  I'd like to thank everyone who has been visiting the page and telling how much they like it via e-mail or my Guestbook.   It is suprising to see that there are still so many SWOS fans out there.

I will be trying to e-mail Codemasters in the week to find out exactly why there has been no news from them of making a new SWOS.  I know that there will be masses of support from everyone who has ever played SWOS, there are loads of very good messages at the SWOS 2k board, and loads of people who have signed my guestbook recently.

This month there is sadly no goals page.  I know that loads have been scored, but time must be spent on other things.  Most  work concerning this site at the moment has been on improving the SWOSupdate2000 patch.  I am trying to make it much more realistic and am collecting new updates from many countries, including England, Italy and Turkey.   I have added 5 players to the best players list tho.  Thanks to Oboz and Gavin for their suggestions - I don't know how I forgot about Christian Vieri.

There will also be a careers page at the site in the future.  Work on it is only 1/4 done though, so you wont see it for a while.

My football match today has been cancelled.  So instead of celebrating on the football field and scoring a hat-trick (hehehe), I am celebrating my seventeenth birthday at home this morning.  So I have done a small update on Sensisuperstar.

Oh yeah, and some more brilliant news is that YOU can BUY SWOS without searching round stores without success and worrying if you'll never play the great game.  There is a new internet shopping site at where you can order SWOS for less than 10.