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MARCH 1999

March 27th
Hooray! This week Sensi Superstar has had over 1000 hits, thank you SWOS fans, it is good to share my apprieciation of the great game with all of you.  Also this month has seen a record number of monthly visits counted on the SWOS Fans Association Ring.  The Links page has another SWOS site added - Sensible Fantasy 96/97.

March 6th
It has come to my attention that Crispin Boylan, author of SWOS 24/7 has been doing some fantastic work with updates and has released a great updates pack with 7 up to date nations, Including England and Italy.  Since my updates page is not updated at the moment, I recommend you check out SWOS 24/7 updates.  Also the Sensi Superstar records page is updated again.

March 1st
Goals page updated today with some really fantastic new goals.  The Sensi-Sational site has changed name to Sensi-Sational Y2K in celebration of the millenium.  Just to remind people that SENSI rules O.K. and Sensi Soccer is the best game.