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MAY 1999

May 29/30th
For all Sensi fans this will be fantasitic news.  Sensible software is saved!!   Those of you who have been following the 'Save our Sensible' campaign at Sensi-Sational-Y2K and SWOS-24/7 will have been supporting Sensible software in these 5 months of troubles.  But now, Officially,  Sensible Software has been saved.   They have been bought by CODEMASTERS (woopee!) and all Sensible Software projects can continue, Including new versions of Sensible Soccer and more.  Check out the SOS message board for more detials, and Sensi-Sational.

Also, there is a a SWOS internet tournament at and there are still 3 places left and not long to enter.  It is a cool idea and if you want to prove yourself to be the best SWOS player in the universe, then please visit the site and enter!
And 2 new SWOS sites are on the net,
Magic SWOS, and Ozz & Abez SWOS site.

May 8th
Not much this update - just the GOALS COMPETITION that you can check out for the best goals this month.   E-mail me with your best highlights for next month's chart.

May 5th
The goals page will unfortunatly be late this month, delayed until next weekend.  A big update including several new pages is planned at Sensi Superstar, though I cannot say when it will be finished work is already underway.  But this week there is a new SWOS page on the net.  "Jarkko's SWOS Tournament" An Internet SWOS competition, who is the best SWOS player in the universe?  follow the link or visit the links page to check it out.