This news page has details on all updates of Sensisuperstar, and what else is happening on the Sensi scene.  Please e-mail me If there is any important or useful news that you want me to put on this page.

November 30th
Do you want another SWOS?  If not then p**s off and go and play FIFA.  If you do then click here.

Meanwhile, the next best thing to a new version of SWOS is under construction.  I have finished editing all the leagues of the world and done some graphics work.  All that is left is loads and loads of finishing touches.  I need to check that the same player doesn't appear twice, the integrety of all the team data needs to be checked so that you will not find too many mistakes.  I will also be making changes to the menu music.  Please e-mail me ( if you have any suggestions for the music - and supply me with the midi file if possible.

November 19th
In 10 days time you might be opening the first window of your advent calender and start to get excited about Christmas.  From today you should be able to count down 30 days until SWOSupdate//2k.   And you can get excited about it aswell beacause it should be the most quality and thorough update for SWOS available.

"WE WANT SWOSY2K!" are the cries coming from the new SWOS 2K campain board at the newly-launched PURPLE SENSI- the address is (Sensi98 section) so you should check it out.  The Enigma has re-designed the whole of his old site(s) so it incorporates all the Sensisational sites and bases them around PURPLE SENSI and a tribute to Sensible Software and their games (SWOS, Cannon Fodder, Sensi, SNDNRNR etc.).  PURPLE SENSI is without too much argument the largest Sensi site on the net so it is worth looking at, especially so you can keep track of the SWOS2k campaign and do something about the sorry state of the SWOS scene.

Oh, the best goal ever and competitions page will be a rollover for next month.

November 14th
The goals page is finally updated today (except the best goal ever), check it out.  The competitions page and the best goal ever will be upated in the week or next weekend.  Yawn.

I am progressing slowly with the update project, there is a breif report for this week and a list of updates to be included.

November 4th
I'm sorry folks, the goals and compo corner update is not ready yet and will not be online until next week because I am away for the weekend.  However there is a small report on the SWOS update project 2000.