This news page has details on all updates of Sensisuperstar, and what else is happening on the Sensi scene.  Please e-mail me If there is any important or useful news that you want me to put on this page.

October 28th 2000
New updates this week with most of the latest transfers.  And Freddy Hajas' SWOS site is added to the links page.   A new review is added to the Amiga SWOS section.  There is another article which I am also trying to put on there but I can't find it right now - some Sensi tips from the man Jon Hare himself!  Lastly, there is a new player added to my 'best players' section.

Other site updates are under-construction, such as the Amiga Emulator and other stuff at the Amiga SWOS section.   Also, after the next round of the UEFA Champions League, I might be able to have a go at making the correct European teams for my SWOSupdate//2000!

October 20th 2000
Great scott! more site additions? Yes, I have some cool new stuff which I have added to the page this week.  First I finished off the new history page with new pictures for each game.  My Amiga SWOS page is updated with some new downloads.  I have made a new sectio called "Old boys" check it out.  And for the first time in ages I have added to the Tips+stuff section with a handy little SWOS trick.

October 17th 2000
Quite a few site updates and additions this week.  Firstly there is a brand-new section with old reviews, news and pictures of Sensible Soccer (reviews).  Then there is a new site at the links page called Heaven of Sensible Soccer.  There is new information at the SWOS internet play page.  A new story is at the funny stories page.  And my History page has a new look and also a look at every Sensi-Soccer there has been.

In other news, the SLOL is at round 4, it's tight at the top.  Also I have made a website for my team which I play for - which you can check out if you're remotely interested in how my team is doing.

October 14th 2000
Whey-hey, new updates this week.   I have finally made the patch now fully compatible with SWOS ECE, and so far I have found no bugs!!  SWOSupdate//2001 is now online so download the new patch now SWOS owners.

Tactics page is updated and also I have tweaked the History page, check it out.

October 6th 2000
New updates this week, you must look at the "update details" section on the updates page, here you will be encouraged to find all the latest details of my updates and see how the overall patch is growing.

Also this weeks sees several new additions to the site.  2 new tactics have been added to the tacics section.  A new section about Amiga SWOS has opened although it is still under construction.  A new page with funny SWOS stories has been opened, feel free to e-mail me your funny stories so I can add them.  Two other new sections have also been opened; SWOS internet play, and Exploring SWOS.  The latter being currently under-construction.   And also there has been a new player added to the best players list, thanks to Richardinho for the suggestion.

The SWOS online league has started for real, and it is obvious that I am well out of practice as other brilliant SWOS players are making a name for themselves.  I will have to practise more to better their scores, but I cannot play SWOS as much as I used to because I now devote more time to college and my updating work.

News at Purple Sensi has broken that the webmaster is thinking of ending his affair with Purple Sensi, I would like to say that Sensisuperstar supports the site ( fully and it would be very sad to see it stop.

And finally the only thing I can think of is that my goals page is very out of date.  I do intend to update it and do a big re-vamp, but when is anybody's guess... maybe in the holidays sometime :)