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October 30th
Whoa man!  The SWOS internet scene is dying, I don't know about you but it seems really boring to me.  I am going to try and liven up this page but I don't get much time to do work on it.  I will try a revamp maybe, also I'll sort the Links page out so it links to only good and active Sensi/SWOS sites, webmasters of dead sites will have their page removed or moved right down to the bottom of the page and put in tiny writing, so get off your fat arses!

The SWOS update project 2000 has started, but only just.  The October competitions and goals page should be on-line next-week if I can get through all the goals that I have been sent.

October 23rd
I am soon going to start a new SensiSuperstar project which I'm sure a lot of SWOS fans will like.  See the updates page for more details.

Also, Please e-mail me if you would be interested in playing in an internet SWOS tournament, run by SensiSuperstar.

October 16th
This week the best players page is updated.  Thanks to Ben Daggers, Ed Daggers, and Marius Zwetsloot for their suggestions.

Also some bad news is that don't seem to have SWOS96/97 on their internet site anymore.  This is a bit annoying as it is such a great game and people around the world should be able to order it.  I only know of a few stores in England that have it : EB, Tempo, and Beatties.

October 9/10th
l am glad to bring you the Sensisuperstar Goal of the Month competition for September, check it out.   Also I am proud to present the Compo Corner for September.

When I get the time I will be completley re-judging the best goal ever as it really is all over the place at the moment and poorly judged.

October 2nd
I apologise for the lack of updates recently, I have not had much time to work on the page.  Check it out next week though, as I should be updating the Goals page, Compo Corner, Best Players list, and maybe at long last the updates page.  Thank you to all the SWOS playaz who sent me highlights in September, it will be a tough contest to judge as usual.