Funny SWOS Stories
Feel free to Email me if something like this has happened to you on Sensible Soccer.

Making profit from transfers. . .

I went on a career with HB in Faroan islands. I sold Petur Eiriksson(65k) to KI for 85k, but soon realised, that I needed him. So, I bought him back for only 75k. So, I have earned 10k, for doing nothing.
Aljaz Vratanar, Slovenia - November 2000

I was running through a season with AC Milan to test my updates one time.  I made a lot of money in 4 transfer deals which involved me selling George Weah, buying him back, selling Beirhoff, and buying Van Nistelrooy.

Firstly I accepted a massive offer from Inter Milan to buy George Weah (worth 12m) for 19,532,000.  Then I bought Ruud Van Nistelrooy (7m) from PSV for 12m, a big price but the player was probably just as good as Weah.   Then Juventus offered me 15m for Oliver Beirhoff (10m) who was playing crap for me anyway, I accepted.  Then the icing on the cake was when I bought Weah back to AC Milan in a 12.5m deal from Inter.  So in the end I had 2 of the very best strikers in SWOS and a healthy profit of 10,032,000!
Paul Turner - 99-00 season of SWOS

Most Incredible Match Ever. . . ?

I remember one of the most exciting Sensible Soccer matches ever.  It was sometime this year, It was late, I played Sensi v1.1 for a couple of hours.


  0 - 26 


PLATT 3, 45
BATTY 8, 44, 45, 78
SHEARER 28 (PEN), 33, 35,
45, 45, 65, 70, 71, 84
GASCOIGNE 45, 79, 82
WRIGHT 47, 58, 59, 67, 68, 76,
76, 83

I was 5-0 up on 44 mins, then 10-0 by half time.  Then another 16 beautiful goals, mostly 40yard powerblasters!  Strangely, Batty claimed a first half hat-trick.  Wright didn't start scoring until the second half, but when he started he didn't stop.  I think that 21 goals in 46 mins must be a record!   And the amazing thing was that no more than 6 goals were scored from closer than 40 yards :) Incredible-stunning-super-match!
Paul Turner - 2000

A lucky product from the trial system?

I have recently looked at the "SWOS stories" section of your web page. You mention trail players being generated from first and last names. When I first got SWOS In my first career, a trial player called David Beckham, joined my club. I was not Manchester U. and considered my self lucky until he turned out to be worth just 70k.
Jim West - October 2000

One of the weirdest, strange and freakish things on SWOS. . . ever?

Well, maybe it is not that freaky but it is interesting.  In a career one of the best features in SWOS 96/97 is the TRIAL player that you get.  It is always exciting when you get a new player with an interesting name.  SWOS makes up the names of these TRIAL players buy taking at random the first and then the second names of players already existing in SWOS.  This means you get some funny and interesting names like "Egil Ravinelli" and "Emile Bergkamp", I even had a player called "Juninho" once and he was inevitably crap.

This report is about a trial player that I had in my team in a recent career with Hartlepool United of England's div. 3.  The career was started with the original SWOS teams of the 96/97 season.  At the very start I got two decent trial strikers.  One was a portugese player called "Craig Nelson", nothing special there.  The other was a striker called "Darren Knowles", nothing special - I thought!

The player "Darren Knowles" turned out to be quite good and is in the first team still after 4 seasons.  The freaky and weird thing is this.  In real life (I found out when I played using 99-00 teams) Hartlepool United signed a right-back called, strangely enough, "Darren Knowles".  This was sometime after the release of SWOS 96/97 so the game could not have known that a player called "Darren Knowles" would eventually play for Hartlepool.

Weird or what?  It is like starting a 96/97 career with Liverpool and getting a good striker called "Michael Owen".   The chances of this happening must be extremely slim, there must be millions of combinations so the chances would be something like 9,999,999 to 1.
Paul Turner - January 16th 2000