SWOS - Exploring the game

This section explores SWOS and all the options in the game, it is a guide a bit like the SWOS manual but explaining more.



First there was Sensible Soccer. Then there was Sensible World of Soccer. Now there is Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 Edition!


"Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 Edition(SWOS) is a complete management and arcade football game for 1-64 players. Based upon Sensible Soccer, the on pitch gameplay now includes enhancements to the tackling/heading/passing/interception and goalkeeping systems.

Also seven different skills, passing, heading, tackling, ball control, shot power, speed and finishing have been bestowed upon every individual player in the game in varying amounts and SWOS features practically every professional team, league and cup competition in the world. All 26,000+ of the real-life players included have accurate personal statistics. You can choose to be a player, a Coach or a player-coach for any one of 1,500-odd Club and National teams in any of 146 preset competitions or your own DIY competitions. In single player Career Mode you can even manage one or more teams throughout a 20 season career and take your team all the way to the European Cup Final. Your ultimate goal in career mode being to ascend the lofty heights of management until you are offered the chance to manage your National Team! In this special 96-97 Edition, you can even partake in this years tournament, with all teams and first round fixtures accurately portrayed." - From the SWOS Manual


Controlling your player

This is the fun part.  You control one player at a time, usually the one closest to he ball, he will have his shirt number above him.  The controls make perfect sense, they should be easy to pick up.  When you master the controls you can then be imersed in playing the best football game ever.