Tip 1 : How to score from the kick-off almost every time!

This is one of my favourite tactics.  I use it when I want to score quickly and it works 8/10 times even against good teams.  A fast winger helps for this tactic, also a main striker with a decent pass.

scorefromKO_1.jpg (11144 bytes)

From this position in kick-off pass the ball out to the winger.  You can either play it straight to him, or curl it slightly upfield so he can run onto it.

scorefromKO_2.jpg (10700 bytes)

Try to run in this direction way to get in a good shooting position, players will be chasing your heels so it won't always work.  Shoot from here and try to hit a diagonal lob high into the air.

scorefromKO_3.jpg (11449 bytes)

If the ball is shot it the right direction with enough power it should go in as shown below.  As you can do different lobs the type of goal will vary slightly sometimes, on occasions the poor keeper is stranded and can't move at all :)

scorefromKO_4.jpg (23255 bytes)

This trick is just as easy to do scoring up the pitch too.