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JUNE 1999

June 30th
Being quite angry with my computer I decided to wage war against it and endeavour to get the massive Sensi Superstar goals page finished on time.  Suprisingly it didn't crash that much so I have now finished with time to spare.  So, I release the goals page today!  Have a good look at the best goals scored in the last two months, this competition was very closely fought between many people, three amazing goals are even tied at No.3.  Check it out!

June 29th
Well, I fixed the thing myself (kind of), so now you can all have the Goals page on time, 1st of July.  It should be closely followed by my Compo corner.

June 25th (again)
Just to tell everyone that I will try to update the Goals page which will be very exciting with the best goals from TWO months.  It may be delayed though because my PC is broken and needs to go back to the shop for repairs on Saturday.  That's all for now SWOS fans!

June 25th
This week a new download is added to the downloads page!  A Time Machine, taking you back to '94 and the very first SWOS with all the teams and tournaments.  Also I have added another new page, it has some useful info on editing SWOS teams and sounds - check it out.

June 19/20th
A quite major update this week.  The exams are over so I'll have some free time to work on Sensisuperstar, this week I have already added a SWOS cheats page and an almost finished best players section.  My PC is seriosly dodgy at the moment and crashes a lot so I'll do what I can.  The "SS English CE98" project is going well at Sensibility and Sensi-Sational.  If you are a webmaster to support the project you can put a banner on your site and become part of a Webmasters XI team as part of the update.  See the project homepage for more details.  I'm your skillful right attacking midfielder!

June 13th
Not any big updates this week.  Just a banner added to the front page to show SENSISUPERSTAR's support for the "Sensible Soccer English Club Edition Project" at Sensisational and Sensibility, Click here to visit the homepage.