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From this page you can download SWOS sounds, The SWOS PC editor for Windows, and some other goodies.

New SWOS Menu Music

A while ago I made a few new files for the SWOS menu music from some midi files I had lying about.  Here you can download them.  The list is not much at the moment, but I can add to it and I do requests.  Just extract the "menu.xmi" file to your SWOS folder.

Download Song/by Listen Children / Robert Miles listen Encore un fois / Sash listen Morning Glory / Oasis listen Sunchyme / Dario G listen SWOS 94/95 menu music / Paul Turner listen SWOS 96/97 menu music / Paul Turner listen Whatever / Oasis listen Wonderwall / Oasis listen Around the World / Daft Punk listen Masquenada / Latin jazz music listen another version. listen Song2 / Blur listen Breathe / Prodigy listen We are the Champions / Queen listen Fable / Robert Miles listen

A time machine!

This download exclusive to Sensi Superstar will take you back in time to the 94/95 football season.  Basically it replaces your teams on SWOS 96/97 with teams from the first version of SWOS.  This is good if you used to play the old game and enjoyed playing with all the old teams which today have mostly all changed (apart from Arsenal's back 4).  Other bonuses are the option of 94/95 teams with national coach, trial players and management record which will enhance your careers immensly,  England fans can have Lineker and Waddle in their England team, Dutch fans can have Rijkarrd and the excellent striker Gullit in their team, Bulgarian supporters have the luxury of 12m Stoichkov in their national sqaud.   Gazza was worth 9m and played for Lazio, Romario was 15 and played for Barca whilst Ronaldo was at PSV, Unfortunatly Van Basten had retired and you'd have to go back to old Sensi for great players like him.

Download old teams ( 514k)

To use the teams unzip all the files into your DATA folder in your main SWOS directory.  Make backups of the data folder if you wish, the original data is on the CD.  Note - This patch only works for SWOS 96/97!

SWOS Commentary

Jonathan Pierce is a great commentator there's no doubt about that.  But on SWOS he can become a little monotonous when commenting on throw-ins, bookings and substitutions.  So, here you can download some commentary phrases for SWOS by the English commentator "Barry Davies".  These were compiled and recorded by Jon Billingham:

How to install the files

Extract the "*.raw" files to your "hard" folder in your SWOS directory.  If you want the old files back, they are on the SWOS CD in the "hard" folder.

SWOS PC editor for Windows

The SWOS PC editor for Windows is a fantastic SWOS utility written by Pablo Fridlender.  You can edit every single attribute that a team has; Every skill, kit colour, hair colour, which league the team plays in and much more.   Essential for keeping your SWOS up to date.

Download Full Version 1.40 (from Geocities server).

Download Full Version 1.40 (from a possibly Faster server).

Simply unzip the files into a directory where you want SWOSfff to run from.l

Dennis Mattijssen

Dennis has created Euro 2000 with the swoseditor.
It is called team.080(europe).
If you use this file you can play euro2000.
In the game you go to PRESENT COMPETITION and than you choose


Other stuff

This is just stuff that I did whilst messing around.
bigpitch_t.gif (15717 bytes) You can download a picture of a whole swos pitch, it's a'gif' file (click here) to view it  (only 106kb).