Think you're good enough at SWOS, you can beat great teams all the time, take Exeter City into the Premiership.  Well this is the Sensisuperstar careers page, If you have had any good careers then send them in to me and I'll put them on this page, you can gloat yourself silly.  Also there are my past and present SWOS careers that you can have a look at.  Also you can download all these teams and play them against each other! (see bottom of page)

Careers of
Paul Turner

Career 1 - Watford
Career 2 - The Australian Job
Career 3 - Brazilio
Career 4 - Brazil
Career 5 - Northampton Town
Career 6 - Queen's Park
Career 7 - Doncaster Rovers
Career 8 - Preston to Celtic with Switzerland in between.
Career 9 - Westham United
Career 10 - Celaya (Mexico)
Career11 - Alaves
Career12 - Hereford United
Career13 - Fulham
Career14 - Red Boys D'dange
Career15 - Hartlepool UTD

Careers of
Piotrek Dzun

Career 1 - Barnet

Careers of

Career 1 - European Rampage

Careers of
Davy Eerens

Career 1 - E Davy

Careers of
Davor Jaric

Career 1 - Northampton Town

Careers of
Alain Noncovich

Career 1 - Brighton to Croatia

Mattijs Boers

Career 1 - Vitesse

Dowload the teams here (  I have put the teams onto a custom team file which you should extract to SWOS\data.  It will replace the file of your original custom teams, so make a back-up of the "team.072" file if you want to save it.   There are 17 of the best teams from the above careers, 13 of today's top clubs, and 2 teams with all the best players from SWOS 96/97 and SWOS 94/95.  This makes a good 32 clubs overall so you can play a decent tournament!

What to send to me :

1. The Career file (*.car found in your SWOS folder)
2. Why you are so especially proud of this season/Career.
3. Any Magic moments or great games that stuck in your mind.