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Hello and Welcome, My name is Paul Turner and I'm a 22 year old student in London, England.  Welcome SWOS fans, this is my homepage dedicated to the best football game ever.

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Sensible Soccer 2006 from Codemasters
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Just for those of you who don't know what Sensible World of Soccer is, I suggest you go and download yourself a copy for your PC or Amiga emulator.  Sensible Soccer was, in my opinion, the best game for the Amiga.  It was a fantastic, brilliant game.  But why?  Because of the wonderful gameplay; so simple, natural that compared to Sensi other supposed football games are like trying to control a deaf dog.  Not that you can't control other games, it's just that they seem so mechanical where Sensi is so natural.  The graphics don't matter, the gameplay and control, the competition, career mode with teams from all corners of the globe, edit your own teams, updates of leagues over the internet so it is never dated, that's what really makes it such a classic.  Sensible World of Soccer is my main PC game, and this site should help you get even more out of it too.


About this site:

This site was designed and created by Paul Turner from 1998-2006.  Thanks goes to all you good people who have visited my site, more than 35000 since October 98.

ICQ number : 36147453 (don't know if it still works, i don't use ICQ anymo'